During qingming Holiday, do not forget to close the meter valve when the gas goes out safely

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On April 3, Tomb-sweeping Day is the day for ancestor worship and tomb sweeping. It is also a good time to relax and enjoy spring.Remind the general public, qingming three-day holiday in a good relax at the same time, gas safety tips should also bear in mind.”Most of the natural gas outdoor facilities are frontage to the street and mainly include overhead gas pipelines, pressure regulating boxes and valve Wells.”Qinhua gas staff reminded the public not to burn paper money and ghost money near natural gas facilities and equipment, so as not to damage the gas facilities and cause natural gas leakage to cause safety accidents.When you go out for three days without using natural gas, remember to close the front valve.When you visit your parents, help them check that they are still using hoses to connect the stove to the gas stove valve.The rubber hose is prone to aging, falling off, and being bitten by rodents and insects. It is recommended to replace the rubber hose with a safer metal bellows.Replace cookstoves and water heaters if they exceed their 8-year lifespan;Replace the cooker without an automatic extinguisher.Natural gas can be checked by soapy water method for leakage: dip soapy water or detergent water with a brush or plastic bag and apply it on the gas pipe, gas meter, hose, valve and other interfaces.If a leak occurs, the soap will be blown out of the foam by the leaking natural gas, and when the foam is seen to increase, it may leak.During holidays, qinhua Gas online business office, 96777 service hotline and emergency repair are online 24/7, and all 10 business outlets are normal (business hours 9:00-16:00).Once found in the home air leakage and other abnormal conditions, please quickly close the valve before the table, open the doors and Windows for ventilation, do not open and close any electrical appliances, and away from the leakage site to call the 24-hour service hotline 96777.(Photo by Guo Peiran, xi ‘an Newspaper) Editor: An Zhi