Enabled!Guangdong new pre-check triage health declaration card and electronic escort card system

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In order to strengthen the province medical institutions patients and its accompanying officials and escort personnel management, standardize the epidemiology history inquiry, convenient masses hospital, improving the capacity of “early discovery”, easing the burden on the medical staff manual check, guangdong since February 26, 2022, enabled all the new preview triage health declaration card and electronic escort issuing system.Preview triage health declaration card and electronic card system is based on the guangdong electronic health escort code construction, has brought together guangdong kang code, national epidemic prevention health code, communication trip card, guangdong nucleic acid, the high risk areas such as information, the crowd in complete preview after triage health declaration card application, clickable guangdong kang code or the national epidemic prevention health code button, show the health code information directly,There is no need for people to switch between different software platforms repeatedly to show the relevant health code and travel card information, which greatly improves the efficiency of hospital traffic and the quality of epidemiological investigation.Yuejiantong micro program is an online health and medical service platform built by Guangdong Provincial Health Commission. After registering on yuejiantong micro program, people can apply for pre-examination and triage health declaration card and electronic escort card.The new pre-check triage health declaration card and electronic escort card system are built in accordance with the requirements of three-level protection of network information security. All kinds of information are stored in the Big data Center of Guangdong Provincial government affairs. The facial recognition information registered by users is the identification information of the public security department, which is safe and secure.The Health commission of Guangdong province reminds people to log in to yuejiantong’s wechat mini program to register and truthfully declare their health information before going to hospitals. The card is valid for 24 hours.The personal information provided by the public will be used and managed in strict accordance with the Personal Information Protection Law of the People’s Republic of China, the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and other laws and regulations.1. Health declaration card login.Users log in to Yuejiantong mini program through wechat search, click “Health Declaration card” to log in, or scan the QR code of pre-examination and triage health declaration of medical institutions to log in.2. Verify real-name login.To enter Yuejiantong for the first time, you need to complete real name authentication.3. Fill in the health declaration card for pre-examination and triage.After completing the health declaration card survey, the public enters the medical institution and presents the information of the health declaration card to the staff (the validity period is 24 hours from the time of declaration).4. Apply for pre-check triage health declaration card on behalf of the applicant.The elderly or children and other special groups can be declared by their relatives.1. Users can search and log in the Yuejiantong mini program through wechat, log in the “Electronic Escort Certificate”, or scan the QR code in the inpatient office of medical institutions to log in the application page of electronic escort certificate.2. After completing the real-name authentication, fill in the information of the electronic escort card and wait for approval.Note: choose hospitals and departments, fill in information of patients and carers information, the system will automatically obtain escort people on that day in the hospital health declaration card information and the record within 7 days of the nucleic acid detection, such as unable to automatically access to information, you will need to apply for health declaration card or upload the paper flow table and manual upload nucleic acid testing paper report within 7 days.3. Check the “Electronic Escort Card”.After the submission is completed and approved by the hospital, you can click “Electronic Escort Certificate” in yuejiantong wechat mini program to check the electronic escort certificate (valid for 7 days).END source: Health Guangdong