Fast and efficient!The border inspection completed the exit inspection procedures for the vessel “Bixi Mountain”

2022-06-13 0 By

Recently, the police of Waigaoqiao Border Inspection Station went to Waigaoqiao Shipyard to provide high-quality customs clearance convenience for the newly built ship “Bi Xi Shan”, and handled the exit border inspection procedures for the ship and 23 Chinese and foreign crew members in a fast and efficient service, which was highly praised by the manufacturer, the ship and the agent company.Bilxi Mountain is the world’s first 209,000-ton Newcastle-type dual-fuel powered bulk carrier. Its delivery means that China’s shipbuilding industry has officially entered the “dual-fuel” era in the design and construction of large bulk carriers.”Bixi Mountain” is a new generation of dual-fuel powered ship independently developed and designed by Waigaoqiao Shipyard with independent intellectual property rights. It is driven by LNG fuel and traditional fuel oil. It is equipped with two C-type LNG fuel tanks with a gas range of 20,000 nautical miles.It can complete two round-trip routes from China to Australia or one round-trip routes from China to Brazil at one time.In LNG fuel mode, the vessel basically eliminates particulate matter and sulfide emissions, and its Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) is 41% lower than the baseline, meeting the requirements of the INTERNATIONAL Maritime Organization (IMO) Phase iv specification, and featuring “green, environmental protection, energy saving and safety”.According to waigaoqiao Border Inspection Station, the border inspection authority has optimized the exit inspection process of newly built international vessels and provided “one-stop” service, which simplifies the inspection procedures of newly built vessels and the verification of crew members’ personal identification and documents, greatly facilitating port and shipping enterprises and saving time and operating costs.Waigaoqiao border post said, will continue to deepen the reform of the “pipes”, promote the reform of harbor frontier defense service, further optimize international ships inspection process, introduced the immigration service convenience measures, such as “zero wait” to simplify customs clearance procedures, for the ship, the agent, the crew and the entry-exit personnel to provide efficient and convenient customs clearance services, power construction of Shanghai international shipping center.Text: Yang Zhenying Gong Xing editor: Gu Jiawei * reprinted please indicate from Pudong released official wechat