Hung: What an honor it is to participate in the Chinese sports event twice!

2022-06-13 0 By

According to Taiwan “when news” news, the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony of the 4th night will be held in the national stadium, or the bird’s nest, former chairman of the kuomintang hung hsiu-chu today (3) in the face of book post said, “very glad to be invited to attend the games in Beijing the opening, has now arrived safely in Beijing, with strict epidemic prevention measures, entered the winter Olympic Games closed loop management system.””Tomorrow is February 4, the start of Spring, which is also one of the 24 solar terms. The Beijing Winter Olympics will kick off tomorrow, which is another great event for The Chinese people in the international sports arena after the 2008 Beijing Olympics,” Hung reportedly said in a post on Facebook.Remember the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, I deeply felt the glory of the Chinese nation.In that year, many Taiwan compatriots also watched the wonderful opening performance of the Beijing Olympic Games on TV, and ‘Bird’s Nest’ and ‘Water Cube’ became popular new terms in Taiwan.”After 14 years, the Winter Olympics opened in Beijing with a grand opening. It is also the biggest event in sports and brings together the best athletes from all over the world. However, this winter Olympics is more difficult and full of challenges than in the past,” hung said.The mainland has also shown strong determination and perseverance. The number of protective measures and mobilization of manpower during the Winter Olympics has reached the highest level in all previous Olympic events, which makes the Beijing Winter Olympics all the more commendable under the epidemic situation!”I would like to say thank you for your hard work to all the volunteers and athletes in Taiwan,” Hung saidI look forward to meeting participants and volunteers from Taiwan and discussing their experiences during the Winter Olympics.”Hung said, “How honored She is to participate in two sports events hosted by the Chinese and witness the glory of our nation.The Olympic spirit is’ unity, peace and friendship ‘. I hope the torch will shine across the Strait and gradually eliminate the current differences and indifference between the two sides.Wish every player can enjoy the vast stage, but also hope that players from both sides can seize the opportunity to shine and win glory for the nation!Once again, I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a success and a new vision!”Source: @huanqiu Process Editor: TF065