It’s China’s turn!In the early morning, China’s Military y-20 landed in the southern hemisphere, Australia has ordered troops

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In mid-January, the tonga volcano suddenly erupted, the tonga into an unprecedented crisis, although the local government had a long warning, but there was still inevitable casualties.After the disaster struck Tonga, China was the first to send rescue efforts. Meanwhile, many countries including Japan have also provided a lot of assistance to Tonga.As Tonga has no confirmed COVID-19 cases, it still has strict quarantine measures despite the support from other countries.As supplies began arriving in Tonga, China stepped in once again.On January 28, local time, China’s Y-20 arrived in Tonga, providing about 330,000 tons of supplies, including food, drinking water, water purifiers and other urgently needed items. Due to the epidemic, the Chinese transport plane left immediately after delivering the supplies.This is also the first overseas “journey” of Y-20 in 2022. As is known to all, y-20 carried out its first overseas mission in 2020, providing emergency supplies for epidemic prevention and control for the militaries of three countries including Pakistan. Therefore, Y-20 has quite good practical significance for emergency delivery.It is reported that on New Year’s Eve, a batch of supplies from China will also arrive in Tonga on a warship.After receiving China’s support, tongan leaders expressed great gratitude for China’s great righteousness and thanked China for its strong support for tonga’s post-disaster reconstruction.In addition to China, Australia has already sent troops to support Tonga. Supplies from Australia arrived in Tonga on January 26, local time.Post-disaster reconstruction is not simple to tonga, now is the most important natural in the post-disaster reconstruction, but in fact, this for tonga, no small difficulties, first of all, tonga, this is just a very small island both population and territory, don’t have the geographical advantage, but wins in surrounded by ocean and some rich Marine resources, however, because of volcanic eruptions,There is no doubt that Tonga is facing considerable difficulties due to the uncontrolled pollution of Marine resources, the death of large numbers of fish and the deterioration of the coral reefs, one of the most famous attractions.The arrival of support from various countries will allow Tonga to breathe a sigh of relief and have more momentum for reconstruction.Meanwhile, people still in Tonga need to stay safe after a 5.0-magnitude earthquake hit the country on January 27.Part of the news reference source: Xinhua News Agency