New lead: mystery black car at the crime scene

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I’ve worked in a prosecutor’s office all my life, and I’ve handled more cases than I can remember.But as the number of cases continued to accumulate, I have a more and more strong experience: no case is too small, prosecutors must always have a treading on thin ice, like the attitude of the abyss, carefully review every case, never let down their guard.On October 9, 2020, I undertook an arrest report on suspicion of intentional injury.The twists and turns of the handling process confirmed my feelings again.On the night of March 23, 2020, Hu bing was drinking at a music bar until about 1 am the next day, when he took a friend’s car home.Midway, Hu Bing urgent, friends in the roadside parking.Hu Bing convenient, a white car suddenly stopped not far away, 3 men with machetes to get off, directed at Hu Bing on the chop.My friend heard the noise and got out of the car immediately.Three men armed with knives fled in a car.After identification, Hu Bing body has 5 minor injuries, 1 serious.On September 8, 2020, suspects Lu Jun and Jin Yu were arrested by the police, while another suspect Pan Cheng was on the run.Lu Jun, Jin Yu to the case is very readily confessed after the incident.That night, they say, Mr. Lu drove Mr. Jin and Mr. Pan to go gambling with them.On the way, Lu Jun put forward to find a place to drink two cups, they came to the music bar.In the car, Lu Jun found hu Bing sitting in the window of the bar, he told Jin Yu and Pan Cheng that he and Hu Bing have enemies, since they met, they will teach him a lesson.The two agreed.So hu Bing out of the bar, they drove to follow, and take advantage of the convenience of Hu Bing off the knife to its fierce chop.There are only two thin volumes of files. The suspect has a good attitude towards confession and the case is not complicated. At first, I thought that this is a simple case and it should be solved quickly.However, after reviewing the dossier repeatedly, I found a suspicious point: Lu Jun claimed to have a grudge against Hu Bing and wanted to teach Hu Bing a lesson.But Mr. Hu said he didn’t know Mr. Lu and didn’t know why he cut him.According to my experience analysis, the victim does not need to lie about whether he knows the suspect. If Hu Bing did not lie, then it may be Lu Jun who lied.New questions lead to new leads my assistant and I immediately began our own supplemental recon.We first talk to Hu Bing, obtained important information: before the incident, Hu Bing and Zhao Song because of business cooperation conflict.That day in the bar, the two were still Shouting at each other on the phone, Zhao Song said that he would beat Hu Bing.Not to be outdone, Hu bing immediately sent his position to Zhao Song.Hu bing suspected that the person who cut zhao Song instigate.If this theory is reasonable, the above doubts can be explained.To further verify, we found hu Bing’s two friends who were in the car with him.After recalling, they provided a new clue: that night, they heard the noise in the car, when they got out to check, they saw two cars parked not far behind the car, one white, one black.The three men quickly got into the front of the white car and fled, followed by the black car.We immediately questioned Lu Jun and Jin Yu and asked them if anyone else was involved in the case.They insisted that no one else had anything to do with it.After a collective discussion of the joint meeting of prosecutors, unanimously agreed with my judgment: Zhao Song is an important suspect.On October 15, 2020, the Procuratorate approved the arrest of Lu Jun and Jin Yu on suspicion of intentional injury, and recommended that the public security organs file a case for investigation against Zhao Song in accordance with the law.Later, I made a detailed outline of the investigation to the public security organs, and suggested focusing on the following questions: Did Hu Bing and Lu Jun have conflicts?What contradiction?That night, did Zhao Song and Lu Jun have a telephone conversation?Hu Bing and Zhao Song phone time and Lu Jun arrived at the bar time comparison, find out the movement of Zhao Song that night, find out whether it has been to the scene of the crime.Investigators took relevant phone records and found that zhao spoke with Hu Bing on the night of the incident, and then immediately spoke with Lu Jun, who then called Jin Yu and Pan Cheng.When summoned by investigators, Zhao Song denied any involvement.Police also verified that Zhao Song did not go to the place of the incident that night.For a while, the case was deadlocked.However, at this time, Hu Bing told the case staff a thing: Zhao Song’s brother-in-law Wang Fei to Hu Bing’s relatives to send medical expenses of 230 thousand yuan, hu Bing is no longer asked to pursue the matter.Therefore, I suggest that investigators question Wang fei immediately.However, Wang fei said that because he and Lu Jun, Hu Bing both know each other, Lu Jun entrusted him to send Hu Bing the medical expenses, and mediation to calm the matter as soon as possible, has nothing to do with others.The two suspects and Wang fei did not identify Zhao Song, the case investigation into a deadlock.Based on experience, I think the truth of the case is fairly clear, but there is no evidence to support it.As I thought about it, a new clue came to my mind: the black car at the scene.Through this train of thought, the case soon had a major breakthrough.Police investigation found that sitting in the black car co-pilot position is Wang Fei.Therefore, it can be judged that Wang Fei did not tell the truth, he is an important insider.Investigators immediately talked to Wang again and presented evidence that he was at the scene of the crime.In the face of evidence, Wang Fei could not justify himself, had to admit: Hu Bing was cut down zhao Song instil.Wang Fei said that zhao Song and Hu Bing had an argument that day, so he immediately called Lu Jun to teach Hu Bing a lesson and arranged Wang Fei to follow him and keep an eye on him.So Wang fei and his friend drive the black car behind Lu Jun’s white car and secretly observe.After learning that Hu Bing was seriously injured, Zhao Song was afraid and arranged for Wang Fei to send money to Hu Bing’s relatives to mediate the matter, but asked Wang Fei to say that he was entrusted by Lu Jun and could not drag himself into it.After mastering these evidences, investigator interrogates zhao Song again.Mr. Zhao continues to plead not guilty.And Lu Jun, Jin Yu two people also still adhere to the rhetoric before, refused to identify Zhao Song.On January 8, 2021, the public security organ transferred Zhao Song to the Procuratorate for investigation and arrest on suspicion of intentional injury.After reviewing the case, I found that although Zhao Song did not plead guilty, the evidence on file could prove that Zhao Song was behind the scenes.On January 15, the procuratorate approved the arrest of Zhao Song on suspicion of intentional injury and made a detailed supplementary investigation outline to the public security organ.We got the real killer, and it looks like we’re done, but I don’t think we’re done yet.In my opinion, during the investigation, Wang Fei, as a witness, did not truthfully state the facts to the police and made up lies in an attempt to cover up Zhao Song, suspected of committing a crime.On January 21, the people’s Procuratorate issued a supervision opinion to the public security organ, requiring wang fei to be investigated on suspicion of covering up crimes.Very soon, the public security organ will Lu Jun, Jin Yu transfer procuratorate review indictment.I think, if Lu Jun, Jin Yu can tell the truth, it will further strengthen the chain of evidence.Therefore, I patiently explained the law to them for many times, but they still insisted on the original statement.On January 26th the court heard the case in public.In the trial, under our unremitting efforts, Lu Jun, Jin Yu finally admitted in court, this matter is indeed instigated by Zhao Song.Two people because of the relationship with Zhao Song is better, after the incident, out of the elder brothers loyalty, decided to take the whole matter, and prior to collusion.On Feb. 2, the court sentenced Lu Jun to six years in prison and Jin Yu to five years and nine months in prison for intentional injury.This thought that the police did not have exact evidence, he can escape a robbery, did not expect to be approved, Zhao Song’s psychological defense line is gradually disintegrated.On February 22, Zhao song finally admitted that the incident was masterminded and instigated by zhao, and confessed to the punishment.Its confession and wang Fei, Lu Jun, Jin Yu and other people’s confession can also confirm each other.I finally breathed a sigh of relief.On April 20, 2021, the Procuratorate prosecuted Zhao Song and Wang Fei respectively for the crime of intentional injury and the crime of shielding.On June 15, the court accepted all the charges and sentenced Zhao Song to six years and three months in prison for intentional injury, while Wang Fei was sentenced to one year in prison with a suspended sentence of one year and six months for shielding wang.The two defendants did not appeal.(The names of the people involved in the article are pseudonyms.This article has been deleted. Please pay more attention to the next issue of Fangyuan magazine in January.)