To play the Original God well, be sure to know the damage calculation of moves

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Formula for damage calculation Value of single damage = Multiplier of attack power x multiplier of skill x multiplier of damage x multiplier of double blast x multiplier of reaction x multiplier of defense x multiplier of resistance.This is very simple, it is white attack plus green attack, white attack depends only on weapon and character level, green and percentage attack depends only on number attack.Example 1: if the effects of a famous weapon are +20% damage, how does the increased damage of the character panel come from?Example 2: after a famous relic was improved, it unfortunately increased its damage by 103 (excluding other relics). How much damage did the character panel increase?A: White attack ×(1+% attack)+(311+103)2. Skill multiplier this is very easy, in addition to talents, only some special lives, this multiplier.A: Multiplier of the master move + additional multiplier.Example 4: in a well-known character’s life table, it is introduced that the elemental’s combat damage increases by 50% after casting a great move. How is this increase calculated?A :(elemental’s multiplier + additional multiplier)×50%.3. Damage multiplier this is also quite simple, is the character damage bonus, then +1 on the line.Example 5: the weapon effect of a character is up to 52% after full damage, and the four pieces of his relic are 35%, and the cup has +20 elemental damage. What is the multiplier factor of this character’s damage?A :(1+52%+35%+46.6%)4. Double explosion of the passenger area, this passenger area I think we must have the most contact, after all, holy relics, who has not bet on dog food, and the expectation of damage double explosion ratio is 1:2 and so on, this will not say, after all, I am not a 1:2 player, can not understand.Example 6: What is the multiplier coefficient of the double explosion when calculating the expected damage?A: (1+ crit × critical damage)(Note: when calculating single damage, you can also calculate crit rate of 1 or 0).5 reaction multiplier area, we must be very familiar with, have not seen the higher flying element theory should also know, this only talks about the basic multiplier and the influence of element mastery on the increase of the reaction.Based the ratio of reaction (1) the fire lighter – 200% (2) water for water – 150% lighter – 150% (4) and (3) ice fire play ice 6-200%.The multiplier area of defense is generally not accessible, but the most intuitive feeling is thor’s second life damage explosion. How to damage the explosion? Below, I write down the calculation method of the multiplier area coefficient of defense.(Character level +100)/7. The last one is the resistance multiplier area, as we know that the monsters of the original god have some resistance, and we seldom hit monsters with more than 75% resistance directly, so the coefficient of that part is not mentioned.When the monster’s final resistance A is 0≤A≤75%, the coefficient is 1-A.Well, the above is xiaobian summary of the original god’s damage calculation, we remember to save oh, will let you in the game more can play their own advantages.