Yunyang One company was knocked on the door for an interview because of this!

2022-06-13 0 By

We often see some “riders” running red lights and driving on the wrong side of the road even at the risk of their lives in order to deliver orders in time.This “with life to send single” behavior is not desirable!Yesterday morning yunyang district traffic police brigade a squadron “knock on the door” Meituan takeout company to the company responsible person for an interview on March 16 at 10 o ‘clock, Meituan distribution personnel Yu driving a motorcycle in the delivery of food, through the city of Yunyang Yanjiang Avenue Binjiang Garden road reverse driving, was seized on the spot.Traffic police on duty to make a fine of 200 yuan for illegal behavior, driving license 3 points.Yu in Yanjiang Road Xiaoyao Hu spicy soup road retrograde traffic police brigade a squadron of staff immediately “knock on the door” Meituan takeout company, the person in charge of the company for an interview, traffic police on duty found takeout brother retrograde problem was notified,And explain in detail the dangers of serious traffic violations such as speeding, running red lights, driving in the wrong direction, parking and not wearing safety helmets as required.The staff requires the enterprise responsible person to strengthen the takeaway riders’ awareness of traffic safety laws and regulations, abandon bad traffic habits, can not blindly pursue “fast” and leave safety behind, and effectively implement the main responsibility of enterprise safety.Sign “civilized traffic” commitment letter long he reminded timely delivery of food is very important but personal traffic safety is more important please takeout little brothers always put safety in mind for the safety of you and others drive carefully, safe riding