Actor King official xuan marriage, bestie Yang Zi warm heart to send blessings: married I will not forget the friendship

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On Feb 10, the famous actor and debater of “You Can Be Beautiful” announced his wedding news on his social media account and shared his wedding photos with the caption, “Shen Xian and Lv are the family members from now on.”Time harvest countless net friends sent blessings.He also posted the news on his social media account, with the caption: ‘Big news’.From the wedding photos posted by Your Majesty, we can see that the two of them are really well-matched in appearance. The male is handsome and handsome, with solid and regular facial features and resolute eyes.In fact, the wedding registration photo is not very interesting, because of the comparison of the standard, although the King laughed very happy, but the effect is not very good.However, the private photo of the two is very sweet. The man holds the King in his arms with his eyes firmly, revealing that he will give him happiness in his life.Your Majesty is closely attached to her husband, looking affectionately at the camera with eyes, sincere and happy.Later, your Majesty posted a picture with text, in which the man stood handsomely in front with his hands in his pockets, and the woman was smiling in a victory pose behind her. The painting style was very playful.The caption reads, “Set out for happiness,” and “hold your hand and grow old together,” indicating that the couple will be heading toward that goal.After the official announcement, Yang Zi, her best friend, immediately left a warm blessing in the comments section, calling out: “Although you are married, you still have to keep playing. If you stop playing, I will be very sad.Then king seconds back: the ends of the earth, as long as you need me, I am always ready.Then, Yang Zi jokingly said: Now you come to my house…From the dialogue between the two of them, we can know that Yang Zi and king’s best friend love is really deep.Although I did not know about their friendship before, it was truly touching.In addition, there are many stars to send blessings, fans also joked king: 2022 certificate holder post, WISH happiness forever.In addition, husband Lv Pengxing also left: love you.The name Of King may be unfamiliar to many people. Her original name is Shen Xia, and she is not old.King wang graduated from sichuan Normal University, majoring in acting. After graduation, she chose to work as a host. In 2009, she entered the entertainment industry because she participated in the successor contest of Kang Xi Lai and won the championship.In the aspect of hosting, your Majesty has excellent performances and professional skills have been recognized by the outside world.But her luck seems to be not so good, since 2009, although the recording of many programs, but has not been a big hit.It wasn’t until she appeared on the debate show “You Can Say Something” that she made a name for herself with her sharp speech and sharp logical thinking.King’s boyfriend is also an actor, who once performed in the TV series Beauty and Concubine.Similarly, Lu Peng-hing is a new actor who is currently developing.The two have been dating for a long time, and King has been showing his love in a big way on social media.As early as January 14, The King shared photos of himself wearing a wedding dress.Now the two have finally tied the knot and started a family, and truth is happy for them.Your Majesty and her husband Lu Pengxing have the same starting point in their performing arts careers. They are not well known, so there is not much difference.Finally, I wish you both a happy marriage and a great career together in the future.