Clippers have no chance!Tyronn Lue admitted it himself!Kawhi is out for the season

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The lakers lost to the Clippers 110-111 in the recently concluded Los Angeles Derby.The lakers have lost five straight to the Clippers, and the Lakers have lost eight of the last nine Los Angeles derbies.Of course, there are core absences on both sides, lebron James on the Lakers’ side and Kawhi Leonard and George on the Clippers’ side.A lot of fans want to ask: When will CAM come back?”George will have an MRI exam on his right elbow on Feb. 24,” Clippers coach Tyronn Lue said. “We don’t know if he’ll be back this season.But we know kawhi is probably not coming back.”Although the Clippers have not officially announced that cabby will be out for the season, it seems from lue’s guidance that cabby will be out for the season.Cabrera injured his right knee in last season’s Game 4 of the Western Conference semifinals between the Clippers and Utah.On July 14, 2021, the Clippers announced that Kawhi Leonard will undergo surgery to repair his anterior cruciate ligament.It takes about a year for past stars to recover.Dinwiddie underwent ligament reconstruction surgery on January 4, 2021, and was sidelined for a full year until January 8, 2022.On Aug. 13, 2021, the Clippers and Kawhi Leonard completed a four-year, $176.3 million extension.Details of the deal are as follows: $39.34 million for 2021-22;2022-23: $42.49 million;2023-24: $45.64 million;2024-25: $48.78 million (player option)Because Kawhi opted out of his contract to sign a new contract as a free agent, the Clippers can’t claim a $9.5 million injury waiver even if he’s out for the entire season.The Clippers have the league’s third-highest payroll this season at $168.5 million and a luxury tax bill of $94 million, also the league’s third-highest.The Clippers are 27-27 and eighth in the Western Conference, not an easy feat to pull off without two key players.Of course, there are media and fans who are not satisfied with the current record of the Clippers.One reporter asked Lue, “Why did the Clippers struggle so much in the first half of the season?””The reason is CAM?Paul George?”In the last two weeks, the Clippers have had three narrow one-point wins, including a 24-point comeback and a 35-point comeback.Do you think the way the Clippers are playing right now is admirable?