National Library refutes rumors!

2022-06-14 0 By

Recently, “New Oriental donated online courses to the National Digital Library, which can be viewed for free” and other online news has aroused concern.The National Library of China said on Jan 26 that it has never received donations from any institution or individual.The library provides the “New Oriental Multimedia Learning library” resources it began to purchase in 2008, and open to the public free of charge.The National Library of China (NLC) has never received any donation from any institution or individual for “New Oriental High-quality Courses”.According to the agreement between the library and the database operator Beijing New Oriental Network Technology Co., LTD., the database can only provide LAN and remote access services through the library, but not mobile (APP) services.During the use of the database, the database operator provided “New Concept English Youth Edition” and other resources for a short period of trial according to the negotiation between the two parties. After the trial period, the operator will shut down the trial module service.The library has purchased course resources to provide access to the service.The Library deeply regrets the confusion caused by false information on the Internet.Due to false information on the Internet, the number of visits to our website and THE APP of National Digital Library has increased dramatically. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to the normal access of readers.We thank the public for their concern and support for the National Library of China. We will continue to provide services to meet the needs of our readers.Hereby declare.According to People’s Daily, a we-media article titled “Yu Minhong has always been a decent person and can be viewed for free when donated to the National Digital Library of China” has sparked heated debate on the Internet.The article said, “New Oriental, with a huge loss of 900 million yuan, made a decision: to open 22,398 hours of content online courses for free…The courses are already in the National Digital Library.”On the Internet, there are many similar expressions.The message was also commented and forwarded by many netizens.Social media screenshots (source:, Finance, Jiangsu Communist Youth League)