No, no, daddy can only buy mommy flowers

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This article by the cat know your original first, without permission shall not be handled, if found will be investigated.Original is not easy, thank you for understanding.Although Qiao Jingjing is hard mouth, but she saw yu Way carefully prepared their favorite flowers, she was still some moved.Having to balance work and family while working away from home, you can now surprise yourself with this.”Have you thought about all this in case I don’t come back?”Qiao Jingjing hands around yu Tu’s neck, Yu Tu also held Qiao Jingjing’s waist.”Then I will shoot a video for you. I want to give you the sense of ceremony anyway.”Yu Tu whispered in Qiao Jingjing’s ear, “Other people’s wives have, my wife must also have.”Qiao Jingjing did not say anything, directly to yu Tu’s lips kissed the past.This is when you don’t have to say anything and replace everything with action.As they kissed, their taste changed.After all, it is a person who has not seen each other for several days. Some missing can only be expressed by action.As the temperature was rising, Qiao jingjing’s mobile phone rang.Qiao jingjing did not look at it, directly hung up the phone, and then in the way of the mobile phone also rang, this will be two people’s reason back.On the way, yu looked at the phone number. It was Yu’s mother’s. It must be Xiao Qiao calling.He answered the phone, the other end of the phone came yu Xiaoqiao’s voice, “Dad, you and mom are coming home soon?Joff’s been waiting for you a long time.”Qiao Jingjing also heard the voice coming from the phone, the two of them are a little confused, now while the phone while sorting clothes.After pacifying yu Xiaoqiao, xiaoqiao hung up the phone.’It’s all your fault!Qiao Jingjing turned to tidy up her clothes.Anyway, he is also responsible for this. It is pointless to argue about this kind of thing. It might make Jingjing angry.They packed up their clothes and felt they were going to their mother’s side.As soon as we got into the door, Yu Xiaoqiao ran over and impatiently looked at Qiao Jingjing and Yu Tu and said, “Mom, you are too slow to pick up your father, xiao Qiao is so worried.”Qiao jingjing took a look at Yu Tu, Yu Tu squatted down and explained to Xiao Qiao: “Xiao Qiao, it is father’s work has not finished, finished the work to come out, mother is waiting for father, so we came back so slowly.”Then he did not forget to look at Qiao Jingjing.This reason is still quite reasonable, Qiao Jingjing did not say anything more, just into the kitchen to help her mother.The meal was soon ready and the family sat down at the table.Yu xiaoqiao suddenly said to Qiao Jingjing with a mysterious look on his face, “Mom, I’ll tell you a secret. Dad bought flowers secretly.”Then he did not forget to see if the people around him had heard the secret.Everyone actually heard him, but they were all impressed by the way Joe looked.”Oh?”Qiao jingjing pretended not to know.”Does Joff know who it was for?””It must be for mother.Grandma told me that daddy’s flowers should only go to Mommy.”Xiao Qiao said to Qiao Jingjing earnestly and earnestly.”But mother didn’t receive it, so what should I do?”Qiao jingjing deliberately teasing little Joe, everyone looked at little Joe to see how the little guy answered.To everyone’s surprise, Little Joe opened his mouth and cried, “No, no, the flowers have to be mommy’s.”Xiao Qiao’s appearance made everyone laugh, xiao Qiao’s performance is too cute.On the way hurriedly ran over to coax little Joe: “Father has not had time to give to mother, wait for you to see father give flowers to mother.”Qiao Jingjing was laughing her head off. Her daughter was really her little cotton-padded jacket!Author’s note: yesterday, I had a lot of fun with my friends and slept for a long time.