Returning personnel can test nucleic acid in guangzhou South Station nearby!Guangzhou CDC latest reminder

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What are the requirements for nucleic acid testing of people from different regions who come to Ear after the holiday?How to do “landing nucleic acid testing”?On February 4, the reporter visited the nucleic acid testing site of Guangzhou South Railway Station, and guangzhou DISEASE control experts made a warning to those coming to (returning) Guangzhou.According to decree No. 28 of The COVID-19 Prevention and Control Headquarters of Guangzhou, people from other provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Central Government) with local outbreaks in Guangzhou are required to take nucleic acid tests within 24 hours of arrival and self-health monitoring for 14 days.People from other provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the Central Government) should take a nucleic acid test within 48 hours after arriving in Guangzhou.Is currently in guangzhou south station originating from or stopping high-risk areas in the city of high-speed rail passenger provide free nucleic acid testing services, with no history of key areas in ordinary passenger, guangzhou south station on-site staff will persuade guidance to guangzhou south station southwest 3 ticket office accept nucleic acid detection sampling, the sampling area can open up to 8 sampling the workbench.There are 28 queuing channels and the test can be completed in 20 minutes at the fastest. Reporters saw on the scene that two temporary nucleic acid testing sites have been set up and opened in Guangzhou South Railway Station.One of them is located in the central arrival hall on the first floor to the east of the south Railway Station. There are 12 queuing channels for passengers arriving in Guangzhou from medium-high risk areas.The other one is located in no.3 ticket hall in the southwest area of The South Railway Station, with 8 queuing channels for passengers arriving from non-medium and high risk areas and the station staff.Temporary nucleic acid testing point in the central Hall on the first floor.Starting from February 5, Guangzhou South Railway Station will set up another nucleic acid testing point for passengers arriving from medium and high-risk areas, and open eight channels to cope with the coming peak arrivals and returns to Guangzhou.It is expected that the nucleic acid test will be completed in 20 minutes at the earliest from the arrival of the South Railway Station to the completion of the nucleic acid test, and the nucleic acid test results will be available within 24 hours.The sampling service starts from 6:30 am to 20 minutes after the arrival of the last train in the evening. Ensure that all passengers who need to be tested are not missed before leaving the station.It is reported that the return peak of this year’s Spring Festival travel rush is earlier than previous years. The number of passengers arriving at Guangzhou South Railway Station starts to rise from the afternoon of the third day of the New Year, and it is expected that the return peak will come in the fifth and sixth days of the New Year.Guangzhou major traffic locations nucleic acid detection guide the latest reminder to (return) ear personnel need to pay attention to return ear what to pay attention to?Qin Pengzhe, chief physician of guangzhou Municipal Center for Disease Control and Prevention, reminds those who are going to Guangzhou: First, pay attention.Be aware of guangzhou’s current prevention and control policies for people returning to Guangzhou before departure.At the same time, they should actively pay attention to their travel history, whether there has been an epidemic in the provinces and cities they have visited recently, and whether they have overlapped or overlapped with the reported trajectory of infected persons.Second, timely reporting.”On the way back, I can already report where I have been and my health status through the ‘Yue Provincial Affairs’ or’ Suikang ‘wechat mini program.After arriving, please report to the community in time.”According to Qin pengzhe, people can learn about the epidemic risk level alerts through the wechat mini program of the “State Council client” and the wechat public account of “Guangzhou CDC I Health”.Third, take the initiative to cooperate.Take the initiative to cooperate with the prevention and control measures in public places such as temperature measurement, scanning and lighting codes, and take the initiative to take personal protective measures such as wearing masks, washing hands frequently and ventilate frequently.Qin pengzhe reminded the public, even from the recent no epidemic provinces and cities back to Guangzhou, after returning to Guangzhou also recommended to take the initiative to do a nucleic acid test, health monitoring for 14 days before rework, if there is fever, cough and other discomfort, timely medical treatment;Timely report according to the requirements of the unit;Active vaccination, especially booster shots;Take active exercise to improve immunity.Source: Yangcheng Evening News, Nanfang +, Guangzhou Health Commission