Saic Volkswagen’s new Lamando L has a very individual appearance and interior technology. Can it be accepted by consumers?

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Car into life, choose the most suitable for their own car.Hello, everyone. I’m Hongtao.Shanghai Volkswagen ling has been dubbed the costly wide-bodied coupe, watanabe, were also a lot of fans called “hot steamed bread”, early achieved good sales performance, but due to long time not to, cause consumer aesthetic fatigue, competitiveness, and after seven years later, the new ling cross L finally came, feeling giving a person find everything new and fresh, new carSo will it catch on with consumers this time?New ling cross L based on MQB Evo platform, the first appearance, adopted a new kind of design language, at first glance it is difficult to make people think this is ling watanabe, ha ha, because compared to older evolution very thorough, car very broad flat, surrounded by the lower part of the mouth type grille and the former, with the modelling of inlet slot on both sides, has a visual impact,However, this big mouth smile is slightly weird, there are some marvel venom feeling, hehe.The length, width and height of the vehicle are 4784*1831*1469mm respectively, and the wheelbase reaches 2731mm. Compared with the old model, the body size has been significantly improved, and has reached the level of A+ compact car. From the side view, the body is solid and compact, and the tough waist line increases the sense of strength.In addition, it is worth mentioning that the new Lamando L adopts the frameless door design this time, which is very rare in the same level, and the class sense comes up at once.Look at the rear, the use of more lateral line, make its richer hierarchy, upturned duck tail very fashionable, adopted throughout type rear lights is very popular in recent years, the internal structure delicate, bright red leds light up after is very notable, and surrounded by black after use the chrome plated outline above, it’s a pity that vent was hidden in the car,If you can come to a real bilateral exhaust, the feeling of sport will be stronger.Interiors, keep up with the trend of our times, instrument panel towards the driver side, so various functions operate within reach, flat sport-utility has leather wrapped steering wheel, moderate size, with comfortable feeling, the liquid crystal instrument and control panel are one-piece even screen, clear picture is exquisite, can display the rich vehicle information,The delicate and compact electronic stopper also enhances the sense of technology, but some friends say that they would prefer the traditional stopper, which is called radish green vegetables to their liking.Due to the increase of body size and wheelbase, the rear row legroom of the new Lamando L is quite good, while the overhead space is affected by some sliding back modeling, which is still not as good as the Volkswagen Langeville or Sagitar. In addition, the middle bump of the floor is relatively high, which reduces the comfort of the middle passengers in the back row.The new Lamando L also adopts the design of hatchback rear door, with a large opening, which is not easy to knock against when taking luggage. The interior is deep and smooth enough, which is no problem for carrying some large items.Motivation, ling new cross L would pick up 1.4 T turbo engine (tsi) 280, maximum power of 150 horsepower, maximum torque of 250 cattle, meters, matching will be 7 block dry dual-clutch gearbox, the powertrain is widely used in the large number of models, acceleration performance or can be, just suggest to add 95 # gasoline,And chassis, the use of macpherson, after the multi – link type independent suspension.In general, the appearance of the Shanghai Volkswagen new ling cross L very individual character, compelling enough, science and technology, and interior space is enough, powertrain we are familiar with, personally think that the car can let young people interested in it, plus the public strong brand appeal, want to sell well is not difficult, but the premise is reasonable pricing,If SAIC Volkswagen thinks its products are competitive and sets the price too high, consumers won’t pay. Let’s wait and see.