The first wave of dry goods in the year of the Tiger, Suzhou New Year will look at the room

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“Firecrackers in New Year’s Eve, spring breeze into the tu Su”, the New Year means hope and look forward to.For home buyers, a big hope in the year of the Tiger is to buy a good house with a better location and better quality at the right price.According to relevant reports, two new projects were released in Suzhou Park in late January 2022, namely Vanke Juju Olympic Sports Project and Zhonghai Xitang Land Parcel project.Among them, the name of Vanke’s juju Olympic Sports project is “Yihe Linglong Garden”, which is a combination of Vanke Linglong department and Juju Yihe Department. It is expected to open the sales office and open the market after the New Year.Zhonghai Oblique Pond land project case name “Wenhua Yunzhu”, two new plates are expected to enter the market within the year, buyers and more new options.Apart from these two projects, what are some good projects worth focusing on in Suzhou at the beginning of the Year of the Tiger?We made a special inventory: it can be seen from the table above that even in the off-season, there are still 12 buildings in Suzhou’s property market that are planned to be newly built after the New Year, and most of them are mainly new ones, such as yihe Linglong Garden, the new Olympic sports in the park mentioned above, and Zhonghaiyue Lake Oriental in Wujiang Taihu New Town.Zhonghaiyue Lake Oriental reservation registration is underway, the first opening average price or 25000 yuan /㎡, quality decoration, compared to the nearby second-hand house price upside down, 2.6 million to buy suzhou Bay is the center of the lot, built about 113-143㎡.Sales office normally open during the Spring Festival, Chinese New Year does not close, daily business hours 9:00-18:00, visit will send customized version of the Tiger Spring Festival blessing bag, participate in the New Year shopping activities (first come, first served until the end), no discount.As the first station of dushu Lake Tunnel No. 2, yuejing Bay is not far from dushu Lake South Station of Rail Transit Line No. 2. It is a high-level state-owned enterprise with a construction area of 103-142 square meters.Sales offices don’t close the Spring Festival, the spring home buyers ternary ceremony, warm heart to the ritual (31 January 22 – visiting sales offices that give the year of the tiger happy red bags suit), surprise to clinch a deal the ritual (subscribe to participate in the scene to hit during the Spring Festival golden eggs surprise hao li 100% winners), close to recommend the ritual (the old owners introduce new customers to visit during the Spring Festival with hsu fu chi package).Yashllanting is located in the Soviet Union and Phase cooperation zone, with a floor area of about 93 square meters and a total price of 1.4 million/set, and a floor area of about 118 square meters and a total price of 1.8 million/set. The park records, enjoy the park policy, buy a house without points, all the way across caohu and Xingwan joint school, railway line 4 north extension east 800 meters.Poly Rongxin Cloud liuguang is open for the Spring Festival from 9:00 to 18:00. If you visit, you can get a beautiful “New Year companion gift”.The first phase of the plate has obtained the pre-sale license, a total of 304 houses can be sold, the pre-sale area of 35858.86 square meters, the overall average price of about 27500 yuan/square meters, the total price range of about 255-4.16 million yuan/set, full decoration delivery.Poly project poster yangcheng Lake section jinke Shallow Tang waterfront, it is expected to add the second phase in February, the first phase of 150,000, the first line of lake view house construction area of about 101-116 square meters.Dajing Fenghua (Jingya Four Seasons Garden) will add new products, with a floor area of 98-120-130 square meters, central air conditioning + floor heating + fresh air system. Rongxin Property, one of the top 100 properties in China, will provide property management services for owners.In addition, according to statistics, around the New Year’s Day in 2022, suzhou property market and Yuexiu Longguangyue Love Garden on December 25, pushing building 6, with a surface of about 125 square meters of landscape houses;Tianjian Qingfeng and Jingya Garden, Tianjian Qingfeng and Garden to promote low density quality residential housing, construction area of about 99-140 square meters, 2.5 million in Wujiang Taihu New Town;Yashue Lanting New Year’s Day plus push 34 houses, built surface of about 93-118 square meters, a total price of 1.3 million in the Soviet phase cooperation zone.After the New Year’s day, suzhou property market and moyin Lanting plus push built surface of about 102-143 square meters, Vanke Jade Linglong, Fengqi and Ming Yayuan (also known as: Garden Xi) plus push 7 building built surface of about 105-143 square meters, Country Garden East Cloud environment plus push 4 building two units built surface of about 100-140 square meters, the average price of 22,000 yuan/square meters.Most of the new projects that have been pushed above are not closed during the Spring Festival, which can provide more choices for home buyers and buyers who stay in Suzhou for the Spring Festival. For more opening information, please pay attention to the “Suzhou Tmall Good house” public number.Why do you recommend buying a house during the Spring Festival?4 reasons to buy the Year of the Tiger