The year of the tiger open tiggo or dingle Peace and happiness | chery, protect the user’s well-being

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Spring Equinox season, the weather is getting warmer, the air is filled with the smell of happiness.What is happiness?Believe that everyone has their own answer.But for Chery, a Chinese brand, the happiness of its users is its own.Over the years, Chery has persisted in independent innovation, continuous research in technology, continuous upgrading of after-sales service, continuous innovation of marketing model, and play with users, in order to continuously optimize user experience and greatly improve user happiness.”In the year of tiger, Auspicious Tiger, peace and happiness” is not only a slogan, but also a beautiful vision of Chery.Technical strength, the golden signboard technology is the confidence of consumers to choose Chery, but also the source of happiness for chery owners.Since its inception, Chery has been adhering to the “technology Chery”, 25 years of grinding, accumulated profound technical background, and gradually established a complete technology and product research and development system, to create ruihu, Erizei and other well-known product brands.Take Chery’s flagship product Ruihu 8 family as an example. Since its birth, The Tiger 8 series has been continuously iterating with user demand as the core. The power system carried by the tiger 8 series has been constantly upgraded, the LION 4.0 intelligent network system has been continuously optimized, and the ductility and space utilization of the vehicle platform have been improved generation by generation…As a result, the products continue to sell well, successfully winning the sales title of Medium-sized SUV and 7-seat SUV of Chinese brands in 2021 and 2020, and exported to Russia, Brazil and other overseas markets, winning the trust of more than 480,000 users worldwide.In addition, Chery also has a large number of patented technologies and undertakes national RESEARCH and development projects. On the basis of continuing deep cultivation of traditional fuel car tracks, taking advantage of the current wave of “new, four modernizations” in the industry, Chery is accelerating the layout of new energy, intelligent network connection, shared travel, platform and ecological new tracks.In February this year, Chery unveiled the Anhui New Energy Vehicle and Intelligent Connected Vehicle Industry Research Institute, which plans to build a series of special original laboratories to create chery’s “Bell Laboratory”.In march, chery tiger 8 kunpeng version became one of the finalists in the second China automobile festival with its advantages in technology and performance, and CHERYPOWER CHERYPOWER was shortlisted for the special award of the jury.Customer first, service for you Chery not only keeps innovating in technology, makes affordable cars for people, but also keeps upgrading and optimizing after-sales service.In order to improve the professionalism and service quality of after-sales staff, Chery has carried out a series of post skills competitions to bring more happy user experience to consumers through practical drills and theoretical tests.Not long ago, Chery officially launched the “Chery Smile Service”, so that every customer can feel the sincere smile and reap a wonderful car buying experience.This service is another upgrade of Chery’s service concept and service standard. We hope that every user will be satisfied with the warm smile of Chery people while recognizing the quality of Chery.As early as 2021, Chery started the “Four Seasons User Care Activity” with user care as the core.Spring, summer, autumn and winter, the four seasons non-stop user care activities, to the actual needs of users as the starting point, to provide free maintenance, testing and other services, has been widely welcomed by the owners.And this service will also become chery’s normal after-sales service, accompany users around the year round.Nowadays, Chery not only pursues excellent products and considerate services, but also tries its best to benefit consumers and create a new marketing model to truly play with users and bring them a sense of freshness and participation.As a household name for trendy Chinese products, Chery has been trying to embrace new platforms.This year’s Queen’s Day, Chery has come up with something new.First, join hands with pinduoduo, a new e-commerce platform, to create a group of 10,000 people and other activities;Secondly, Chery joined the live streaming camp, creating “New Chinese Queen Comes” on taobao and Tiktok live streaming platforms, and joining in with the Chinese fashion beauty brands, Such as Micondel, Kazilan and Longrich.A wave of half-price car second kill, a field of live gift package, real benefits.And last year’s double 11 launched the # Trendy Domestic products 100 million carnival # carnival, half price car, red envelope rain, joint gift bags dizzying, fired a loud shot of chery e-commerce new marketing, but also let the national fad car deeply popular.As early as the beginning of the New Year in 2022, Chery lit up the slogan on the landmark buildings in Five major cities in China — Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chongqing, Hefei and Wuhu: “In the Year of tiger, We are safe and happy!”This light show across the land of China, let the happy meaning of The Tiger into thousands of households, also let Chery for users to create a happy car life of the original heart deeply rooted in people.Over the years, Chery has attracted many users to become “Chery fans” with reliable technical quality, considerate service and interactive marketing experience. Continuous creation of value for users is the key for Chery to bring happiness to users.Tiger year open Tiger, peace and happiness.It is believed that no matter where you are, Chery will enable users to truly enjoy the happiness of being a Chery owner in an immersive scene.