This chongming baby has an “ice dun dun”, very special very special!

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The fifteenth day of the first lunar month is the Lantern Festival, a traditional Chinese festival. Every family lights lanterns and eats tangyuan to celebrate this beautiful day with great joy.Yuan snack time, parents will light a lantern for their children, children carry in the village lane walk, banish darkness, create a festive atmosphere, pray for peace and success in the New Year.Chongming has a clever mother who makes a zodiac lantern for her son every year.This chongming mother, every year to make lanterns, children pick pick to grow up), this year is the Beijing Winter Olympics, the mother is even more creative, and her son made a “Bing Dwen dwen” lantern, the son is good at hands, but also for the lantern installed electronic automatic device.Let’s go and see.The ingenious mother, surnamed Gu, took the “first step” in making zodiac lanterns by making a rabbit lantern when her son was three years old. Almost every year, gu makes different figurative lanterns according to the year of the zodiac.In recent years, my son has had a Monkey King, pig Peppa Pig, rooster rooster, ox magic red bull and many other beautiful and “cool” zodiac lanterns, with them on the street, attracted the envy of small friends.Gu, whose son, Xiao Gu, is 12 years old this year, originally planned to make a tiger lantern to bring together the 12 Chinese zodiac signs for her son.But this year the Spring Festival coincides with the Beijing Olympics, lovely mascots “ice mound mound” got the majority of Internet users at home and abroad, under the small son gu’s proposal, gu decision, in addition to the Chinese zodiac tiger lamp, and then make a single Olympic mascot “ice mound mound,” celebrate the Lantern Festival at the same time, also for my son to popularize some games related knowledge.Different from previous years, this year’s “Bing Dwen Dwen” lantern, Ms. Gu and her family all participated in the production process, “I am responsible for the shell production, my husband is responsible for the color line production of Bing Dwen dwen face contour, son is responsible for the design and installation of electronic devices inside the lantern, even my cat has contributed its’ rice bowl ‘.”The completion of the “ice dun dun”, vivid, lovely panda standing on the podium (cat basin), not only can be lit, under the control of the remote control, but also forward, backward and rotating action, son Xiaogu to it fondly.Design drawings for circuit board welding components assembly debugging the whole assembly. Gu said, son, when I was a child like toys, down to his mount, a bit bigger in the primary school, also put a computer down and back, see him have such exploration “hobby”, gu him without too much interference, just choose silently support.Gu’s school, Dongtan School affiliated to Shanghai Experimental School, also has a series of interest courses to participate in. After the implementation of the “double reduction” policy, the school has carried out a series of courses and activities to cultivate children’s various abilities and promote students’ all-round development.Last semester, the school launched the student electronic production competition, under the teacher’s encouragement and guidance, Gu learned the function of various components, mastered the circuit board design, welding and other technologies, Gu also taught himself remote control code mine detector.In the production of this “Ice Dwen Dwen” lantern, he will learn the knowledge, really put into practice.”A whole set of electronic devices, from design to installation, were designed and completed by him alone. This production process increased his confidence, and also let me see his focus and love for one thing.”Ms. Gu said it was an interesting and unforgettable experience that not only made her son experience the joy of doing things, but also made the whole family closer and more harmonious.Parents’ favorite son, is far-reaching.Ms. Gu’s love for her son is poured into the lanterns made by herself, as well as the encouragement, companionship and hand in hand progress.Reporter: Li Lin Picture, video: Gu Lijuan editor: Li Lin shangguan number author: Shanghai Chongming