600 jin fat monkey son sun weight loss Vlog, legs black like long Johns, net friend: it’s time to take a bath

2022-06-15 0 By

Now there are more and more short video platforms swathes blogger, they constantly on the platform of what you eat food, often eat and drink too much, so will cause some people’s body weight is too fat, that affect their daily life, even the people need to take a breathing machine, to maintain the normal breathing.The Internet celebrity Fat Monkey is one of the most representative figures among them. His weight has already exceeded 600 kg, which has seriously affected his daily life. So he chose to be hospitalized for surgery to lose weight recently.However, the fat monkey refused the doctor’s advice because he was worried about the harm in the process of surgery, as well as the problems of sequelae. He chose to be discharged from the hospital some time ago, exercising to lose weight and controlling his diet to achieve the effect of weight loss.He then posted on his social media platform, choosing a gym to start his weight loss journey, before the trainer gave him a basic physical examination.The clip shows that clips need to be attached to his limbs, but netizens were shocked when the fat monkey showed his legs again, asking if he was wearing long Johns, which are still black and no longer visible.The coach then repeatedly smeared him with disinfectant to bring out his original skin tone.This is apparently due to the accumulation of dust and dead skin on the skin caused by long periods of not bathing.And some netizens pointed out that for a person of his weight, it would be very difficult to take a bath without the help of others in daily life, because of the barrier of the stomach, the hands may not be able to touch the ankle.After the examination, the coach gave the result that there was no big problem with the fat monkey’s overall indicators, but the excessive obesity would have a great influence on him in the later exercise process, so that his knees, bones and vertebrae would bear great pressure.In the video, it is clear that the monkey is already sweating and gasping for breath after just two minutes of treadmill training. Many netizens said that walking should not be easy.But for him, it was weight training.Therefore, the weight loss method is not suitable for the fat monkey. Therefore, the coach suggested another solution for the fat monkey, which is to lose weight in the water. The buoyancy of the water can reduce the pressure on the spine and bones, thus reducing the injury and friction caused by this area.Even with either method, getting down to a healthy weight is a tough process for a 600-pound man, and doctors have recommended that his heart rate be monitored constantly during workouts to avoid accidents.But I also believe that there will be harvest if we insist. I also wish the fat monkey can lose weight successfully as soon as possible, restore to the normal reasonable weight range, and have a healthy body, so as to continue to bring more joy to everyone.