Huzhou: Total wealth base “planted” a new way to increase income

2022-06-15 0 By

“Lu Ping, we still need to build this shelf for a few days. Let’s help again.It will rain these days, so we can put up greenhouses as soon as possible and take preventive measures so as not to affect the harvest.”These days, volunteers can always be seen in the Grape Industry Gongfu Base in Bailianqiao Village, Huzhou City, Changxing County, Huzhou City. They are to help villagers Zhang Luping build greenhouses for the winter.In 2021, Bailianqiao Village officially launched the second round of co-prosperity assistance plan. Relying on the existing grape industry advantage in the village, a new grape industry co-prosperity base of 28 mu was built to help low-income families in the village improve their income level.”The village has invested more than 200,000 yuan in total, and 12 low-income families, 32 people in total, have been included in the help object through the survey.”Cao Zhaijun, secretary of the general Party branch of the village and director of the village committee, said that these low-income family members can not only earn labor income by participating in the planting and daily management of the base, but also get a bonus of 2.4 mu of bundled assistance for each household.When the base was established, Zhang Luping came to work here, mainly responsible for the daily management and maintenance of the base.”My father was seriously ill a few years ago, and my family owed more than 100,000 yuan in foreign debt.When the village learned about this, they arranged for me to work at the base.”Through this kind of “blood transfusion + hematopoietic” assistance, Zhang luping increased his income by nearly 40,000 yuan in 2021.Looking at the better days, Zhang luping’s face is full of smile, although hard work, but also more and more energetic.”I’m very grateful for the help from the village. It not only solved my employment problem, but also brought real income to my family.”According to statistics, in 2021, the per capita income of 12 low-income families increased by nearly 20,000 yuan through the help of the base.In order to better help low-income families to increase their income, the village often organizes volunteers to carry out volunteer services at the base.”We don’t have many staff at the base, such as fertilizing, picking and building shelters. Whenever they need help, we will help them and do whatever we can.””The village will also arrange professional technical guidance for them, invite ‘soil experts’ to conduct skills management training and help them contact sales channels, which not only improves their planting skills, but also solves their sales problems,” Jiang Qin, member of the villagers’ League branch, told reporters.”Exploring the model of building a common wealth base can not only help low-income farmers get richer, but also increase the collective income of the village. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.””In 2022, we will continue to expand and strengthen the base, including all villagers with relatively low income who are interested in development, so that no one can be left behind and no one can be left behind on the road to common prosperity,” Cao said.