Jiujiang Haotong Geely New Bin time-limited discount 2000 yuan welcome test drive

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Geely auto whole series of preferential purchase, impulse feedback network booking customers!Net booking customers can also enjoy the city free shuttle VIP car purchase service!Second-hand car free evaluation, any brand, any number of years of second-hand car can be replaced at a high price, up to 8,000 yuan replacement subsidy;8 years 300,000km warranty, 1.5TD engine core parts;Transfer to introduce new customers to buy a car discount price, the more the more generous gift;Five years of Internet of Vehicles full service traffic free;The whole system is equipped with “CN95” filter element.10% down payment, limited time discount, up to 5 years 0 interest, Geely new time loan, dream 0 burden;You can get a decoration gift package if you order a car for a test drive.Civil servants, soldiers, faculty, medical care, public institutions, companies can apply for exclusive big customer policy;The above preferential network customers enjoy, click on the inquiry line we can enjoy the above preferential, let you buy peace of mind, buy at ease, with peace of mind!Car booking hotline: 400-140-2986▲ Address:No. 4-5, Building 1, Jiirui Road, International Automobile City, Jiujiang city/Mid Lushan Avenue, Lianxi District (200 meters to Weijia direction from Lushan New Town) Promotion time: Feb 26, 2022 to Feb 27, 2022Battle119,800, 117,800, 260T DCT Star Flash Edition 99,800, 97,800, 240T Manual Gold Edition 75,800, 73,800, 240T DCT Platinum Edition 89,800, 02,200, 87,800, 240TDCT Diamond Edition 96,800 RMB 0.200 RMB 94,800 RMB 260T DCT Glory Edition 109,800 RMB 0.200 RMB 107,800 RMB