Mrs Macron, 68, shows off her slender legs at dinner, rarely forgotten by her 44-year-old husband

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French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte host a dinner for visiting Portuguese President Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Feb 11.It was the first dinner that Bridget, 68, had not seen the high-profile first lady in full dress for a long time.As she and her husband waited for their guests to arrive, Bridget beamed broadly. Nearly 70 and thin, she didn’t look her age.Macron, 44, smiled so broadly at de Sousa, 73, that the closeness of the photo with him surprised Brigitte, who had often been doted on by her husband, as she suddenly turned into someone else.It’s unclear why Macron was so excited, but according to French media reports, the doting husband forgot his beloved wife for a moment, which is very rare.As Macron and de Sousa walked up the steps together, he remembered that his wife in high heels was still waiting to be helped by gentlemen.Fortunately, Macron quickly realized his mistake and accompanied the smiling face back up a few steps, while Brigitte handed her husband’s hand.As she walked up the steps, Bridget skillfully showed off her slender legs, and the casual feeling was even more charming.She is proud of her calves and although she started wearing skirts less often last year, previously her hemlines were almost always above her knees, giving her ‘birdie legs’ an obvious advantage.Despite the nearly 25-year age difference, the Macrons have always been in love. Brigitte recently spoke about her marriage, saying they are very much in love and that she has grown used to the criticism that comes with being a public figure.Despite some unpleasant noises, Bridget is the envy of many women, not only because of her wardrobe of Louis Vuitton, but also because of her doting husband.Although Emmanuel was young compared to his wife, he loved Bridget more than many husbands could ever hope to.