Police in Haidian district are helping the public during the Spring Festival

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The ox quits the old year, the tiger jumps the new course.The Spring Festival is the day of reunion, the Year of the tiger Spring Festival just met the Beijing Winter Olympics, let the masses have a good and safe winter Olympics year, is haidian public security all police, police auxiliary staff the biggest wish.During the Spring Festival, all members of the Haidian public security on duty, fulfill their duties, loyalty and dedication, further change the style of work, do practical things, tree image, heart with the feeling to solve the masses “urgent and difficult worry hope” problem, with practical action to ensure that the area of the masses through a safe and peaceful New Year!At 19:30 on February 1, 2022, it is the warm moment of family reunion with thousands of lights on the first day of the Chinese New Year.Haidian Public Security branch shuguang police station received a man 110 alarm, said his parents in a restaurant in the mall to eat, the mother went to the bathroom after two hours did not return, his father is looking for the mall, asked police to help find, he is on his way to the mall.After receiving the alarm, the third community police team community police Yang Wenqing immediately rushed to the scene to carry out the work.When they arrived at the restaurant, the police found that the father was not in the restaurant, and immediately communicated with the restaurant staff and the guests at the next table to determine the physical appearance and clothing characteristics of the two elderly people.A short time later, the father returned to the restaurant without finding his wife.Seeing the old man was old, the policeman first calmed him down and said, “Don’t worry, your wife must not be far away. I will arrange someone to look for her at once.Take a drink of water and wait quietly in the dining room.”Then, the police to the old man to his wife’s photos, with the mall “ten joint prevention” linkage mechanism, the organization of all forces together to find.Five minutes later, security got the good news, spotting an elderly woman wandering in an elevator.According to the police provided the situation, to determine the old lady should be looking for the old man.Escorted by security guards, she returned to the restaurant and met her husband.A smile finally came to the Don’s face.It was learned that the old lady is seventy-eight years old and sometimes has a poor memory as she gets older.The woman got lost and couldn’t get back to the restaurant because she went to the bathroom without her phone, and she didn’t have a phone to call her husband.”Thank you officer Yang!Thanks to you today!That’s what we need right now!””Said the old man excitedly.The police will find the good news of the old man told the son of the first time, the police work repeatedly expressed thanks!”Pay more attention to your health and pay attention to safety on the way back!”After watching them go away, Yang Wenqing continued to work.At 11 o ‘clock on February 2, 2022, a tourist with his seven-year-old son anxiously came to the Fenghuangling Forest police station.Liu Peng, the police on duty, saw the child holding hands and kept crying, patiently asked that the child accidentally cut his hand.See this situation, Liu Peng immediately took out the convenience of the standing first aid box, while communicating with the child patiently, stabilize its mood, while carefully to help its treatment of the wound, the wound for disinfection, and a simple bandage.Throughout the whole process, Liu encouraged him: “Don’t be afraid, you are the best little man!”In the process of dealing with the wound, the parents have been saying to the police “Thank you!Thank you very much!”Liu Peng said: “This is what we should do, you have difficulty finding police, please rest assured!”In this police tip: one is to put an identity card in the pocket of the old man’s clothes, which records the old man’s identity information, family contact information and the emergency treatment of the disease and other content;Two is usually more communication with the elderly, master the whereabouts of the elderly, more phone calls, more to visit the elderly, more care and help to the elderly;Three is to take the children out to play, please take care of the children, in case of emergency, can timely call the police for help.