Shangqiu traffic police brigade to ensure smooth trials and hardships

2022-06-15 0 By

Dahe Daily video reporter Chen Haifeng correspondent Li Perfect spring breeze rain, moisten things silently.At 7 o ‘clock on March 17, the spring rain wet the urban road, the inverted spring cold temperature plunged by the wind to cool the rain weather, causing inconvenience to vehicles and pedestrians.To ensure the safety of the rainy day traffic order and deal with rainfall caused by traffic jams and traffic accidents, shangqiu public security bureau traffic police detachment of a brigade in completes the epidemic prevention and control work at the same time, with the actual road conditions for the gripper, proactive, dredge bao chang, all the policeman on duty, auxiliary police stand on a line in the rain, take concrete actions to ensure the safety of the people to travel.During the rain, the brigade in the area of important intersections, sections of police, command and dredging traffic, actively take fixed post duty and patrol dredging and other ways to guide vehicles and pedestrians safe and orderly travel.In the rain and wind, the police and auxiliary police on duty have always been committed to their duties, keeping their morale high, sticking to the road and reminding the passing vehicles to slow down, maintain a safe speed, pay attention to the pedestrian, safe driving.Loud whistle, powerful gesture, your busy figure gives way unblocked, warm the whole city, regardless of the cold heat, or the wind and rain, Shangqiu traffic police have been sticking to the road, protecting the road chang people’s safety!