“Spring Rain”

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Seven “Spring Rain” a cloud flying cloud rustling spring drizzle, drizzly willows dance bridge east.Beauty with a red umbrella, pink yingying smile wind.Cloud feiyun original poetry!The wind blows through the rain on the ground at night.Plum blossom outside the wall red yan flower, before the court green branch fat banana leaf.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Thin beauty shadows on bamboo branches, the drizzle dancing before the window.Hall alone to read books, eaves outside the noise yan yan.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Rain in front of the window hit banana leaves, behind the house wind blowing bamboo.Night reading poetry tea brimming, clear lamp find rhyme drunk dance.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Seven unique “Spring Rain” five/cloud flying sky drizzle Run new seedlings, mo wild flowers open powder Yan Jiao.Clear water silk willow leaves, spring birds branches lift.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Cherry blossoms bloom after the rain in the garden, and rosy clouds are reflected on the branches outside the hedge.The new leaves in the fields and the pond are slanting.Cloud feiyun original poetry!It is cold and drizzling in the south, and snow is flying all over the sky in the north.Red lanterns sway the wind, green water ice pool willows fall.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Seven “Spring Rain” eight text/flying cloud rain hit banana branches and leaves green, the wind shook Yushu Plum.Cold spring winding pavilions cold, yuanwang baiyun diffuse blue sky.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Seven unique “Spring night” nine text/cloud flying clouds outside the courtyard starlight moonlight empty, beauty on the mirror powder makeup red.Spring morning wind blows curtain roll, wit poem painting bird cluster.Cloud feiyun original poetry!Seven unique “Spring Rain” ten article/cloud flying cloud ten thousand wisps of Jiangnan misty rain dream, thousands of silk water blue wave.Street beauty with red umbrella, stone path bridge head willow green wind.Cloud feiyun original poetry!