The man and beauty net love spend 250 thousand, after meeting collapse: 150 catties aunt!Only gender is real

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There is a saying called “a line of network, cherish this section of predestined relationship”, for love and marriage, online love because of the screen, and make each other more than a mysterious veil.Under this mysterious veil, the photos and videos sent by the other party may not be her, but perhaps a big man who picks his feet.And with the help of features such as beauty and filters, people’s appearance levels have become more beautiful. When they leave the screen, they need to face the reality.Today, with the more developed Internet technology, people have more ways to meet friends, and it is more convenient to find people who share the same hobbies and topics with them, so that people can better release pressure. Some people also find their partners in this way.But there are also those who trap people who are interested in them through online social networking, but when it comes to meeting the real story offline, they tend to “see the light” and become vulnerable.(Involving privacy, the names of the parties are pseudonyms, part of the pictures from the network, only with the narrative) Qin Mr. Lives in Guilin, Guangxi, one day he got to know a friend on social software, and see each other published dynamic are mostly some life photos, there are a few dancing video.Mr. Qin was attracted by the content of each other’s release so he added each other’s friends, after a few days of communication, Mr. Qin also had some understanding of the female users.In the exchange, the woman identified herself as LAN. LAN said she graduated from a key university and is a girl who loves life. She can not only dance, but also practice yoga to level 10.After understanding this information, Qin Mr Feel that the other party is not only cheerful, but also love exercise, very in line with the image of the goddess in his mind, so he is more diligent in the communication after.Add each other friends a week later, The first time to each other to transfer 520 yuan, the other party charged, two people confirmed the relationship between male and female friends.In order to have a lasting relationship with his goddess, he would do his best to agree to LAN’s various requests, and the idea of video and offline meeting was rejected, he did not stick to it.In the process of two people in the relationship, LAN also told him to live together after the necessities of life, which let Qin Mr More certain relationship between two people stable, and the other proposed to buy supplies of money, Qin Mr Also transferred to each other.After a day, LAN said his father got a brain tumor, surgery, hospitalization need to use money, so I hope To give her money qin, Qin Sheng said nothing, then transfer money to each other.After two people contact for a longer time, LAN in the face of the requirements to meet and marry Mr. Qin, she put forward the requirements of the gift, once again to Qin Mr. Ask for property.In this way, two people in the relationship for a year or so, Mr. Qin repeatedly transfer money to each other, the accumulated amount has reached more than 250,000 yuan, but he still did not meet each other offline at this time, Mr. Qin to Miss LAN impression still stay in the dynamic life and dance video.In two people negotiate good offline after meeting, Mr Tain with the feelings of looking forward to wait for the arrival of the other party, but actually to meet that day, he found that the other party is not often appear in the circle of friends dancing video and pictures of the beauty, but a middle-aged aunt of their 30 s and 40 s, and the weight is 150 jins, cruelty of reality to let him once.Feel his feelings have been cheated, Qin Mr Reported the case to the police, before long the woman was arrested by the police, in the police station investigation, the woman confessed his behavior.She made up her own stories about graduating from key universities and dancing, and posted videos and photos of others.And she also said that she would like to return the money transferred to her by Mr. Qin, but it is too much pressure for her to finish all at once.After mediation, Qin Mr And the woman reached an installment repayment agreement, and in the signing of the agreement, Qin Mr Found the other party even the name is false, signed the name of Su, probably at that time and Mr. Qin chat LAN, only the gender is true.According to Article 266 of the Criminal Law, whoever, for the purpose of illegal possession, defrauds a relatively large amount of public or private property by deception, if the amount involved is relatively large, shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not more than three years, criminal detention or public surveillance and shall also, or shall only, be fined;If the amount involved is huge, or if there are other serious circumstances, he shall be sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment of not less than three years but not more than 10 years and shall also be fined.In this case, Su conceals his true situation, through the release of other people’s video, photos make Mr. Qin into the wrong perception, and in the process of communication between two people, using the wrong perception of Qin, make up an excuse to transfer money many times.Subjectively, there is the intention of illegally possessing other people’s property in a deceptive way, and objectively also caused the economic loss of Mr. Qin, and the amount reached 250,000 yuan, which belongs to the “huge amount”, and should be severely punished according to law.At the same time, it is stipulated in Article 146 of the Civil Code that the civil legal act performed by the doer and counterpart with false intention is invalid.The effectiveness of a hidden civil juristic act manifested by false intention shall be dealt with in accordance with the relevant law.For such as “520”, “1314” and other amounts with special meaning can be identified as a gift of one party to another, and Mr. Qin is voluntary transfer of money in the past.But Su mou to obtain the money is the use of false identity, defrauding the goodwill of qin Sheng and the gift behavior, and its behavior is suspected of illegal crimes, so the gift contract is invalid, Qin Mr. Has the right to ask Su mou to return the improper enrichment.Whether making friends online or offline friends should be cautious, know each other’s personality, and then go to each other in-depth understanding, enhance feelings.And the way to cheat is not true love, and in the name of love to defraud ill-gotten wealth is not desirable behavior, serious more likely to violate the law, so that they face legal punishment.