Wait to!Lei Jiayin Song Jia “The World” set a file on CCTV, super team “explosive” reservation

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Recently, the official TV series “The World” aired on CCTV1 prime time on January 28, attracting the attention of many netizens.Have to say, this drama is very popular, and several big points directly attracted a large wave of fans, many netizens have lamented the Spring Festival broadcast such a “big drama”, can the whole family watch together, this is the best choice.Adapted from teacher Liang Xiaosheng’s work of the same name, The World tells the story of three generations of the Zhou family in a northern city, showing the life experiences of a dozen ordinary children over a period of nearly 50 years, thus revealing the social changes that China has gone through.Based on the “small family” to show the “big family”, this work praises the positive image of the Chinese people, who are hardworking and upright. It is a high-quality novel with passion and passion.In addition, The World also won the 10th Contradiction Literature Prize, which won great praise as well as many loyal fans.The play is directed by Li Lu, who previously directed “Lone Star”, “Under the Hawthorn Tree”, “In the Name of the People” and other classic dramas. Both the level and style of directing dramas are relatively excellent, and has the experience of directing group dramas.This time, with the blessing of director Li Lu, “The World” will finally come out in a spectacular way.In addition to the subject matter and director are guaranteed, the cast is also very strong.The cast configuration of this play can be called “immortal lineup”!Lei Jiayin in the play as simple and honest but the thief hurt his wife’s northeast man Zhou Bingkun, “tang dynasty poet Li Bai” Xin Baiqing as a eldest son Zhou Bingyi, song Jia interpretation of the goddess of literature and art is the brave pursuit of love and freedom of the second sister Zhou Rong.In addition to the three siblings, Yin Tao, Ding Yongdai, Sarina, Song Chunli, Zhang Kali and other leading actors are all powerful actors, the director to restore the world is very sincere.To know that Lei Jiayin some time ago in the “Exploits” as a scientist Yu Min is “brilliant”, won a lot of praise, before the “The First Half of my Life” is also his very classic masterpiece.Xin Baiqing, another leading actor, is a first-class actor of the National Theatre of China. She has starred in such excellent works as The Legend of the Demon Cat and Happiness like Flowers.Song Jia is the winner of the 29th Golden Rooster Award for Best Actress and the 15th Huabao Award for Outstanding Actress. Her works such as “Adventure in China” are deeply popular.In addition, Sa Day na is a national actor, is the magnolia award golden Eagle award flying prize rare “three gold after the sight”.A casual look, are famous circle of excellent actors, such a strong team can not deduce a wonderful masterpiece?Finally, the texture of the series is also very unique, it is “explosive” booking!As CCTV’s opening year drama, in addition to the “quality”, the current quality is also through strict checks.From the preview, “The World” is a slower pace, more like a time documentary, telling the story since 1969.In addition, the beautiful lighting and high texture of the lens, with snow on the northeast street, the full sense of the bicycle and other details, instantly pull people’s memory back to decades ago, that kind of retro sense and high sense of interpretation incisively and vividly.The Zhou family has gone through years and years. Although the road under their feet is tortuous, they may be sad, shed tears or even discouraged, but as long as the family is together, there is no difficulty that we can not overcome.A tender story, full of warm journey, witness the growth of The Times.In the preview, Lei Jiayin, Song Jia and other people’s acting is very online, especially a few crying scenes let people moved, watching very distressed.Looking forward to the new show!