When westerners fell in love with Chinese food, time was left for cultural convergence

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Gu Ailing ate leek box one day and brown sugar cake the next.Chinese chive box is not easy to translate, because their dictionary default box, he, and culture.Differences: one is compound flavor;One is simplicity.Chinese and Western culture: one is the integration, the other is the separation.Can it merge?How do you converge?Who will lead?01 a dish blindly, 100 dishes 100 lattice.A piece of tofu, there can be N kinds of methods, light cooking (cooked) means have fried fried fried stew steamed rinse boil braised 醸 mix choke pickle air…There are many, many things.What about?Metal, wood, water, fire, earth, Yin and Yang.Which kinds?Heaven, water, fire, wind, thunder, Taiji eight diagrams.In a word: broad and profound.Western food?Pickles, for example.In a word: acid;Two words: really sour;Three words: acid.Go to extremes, dry to wear, acid in the end, acid is placed at the top, absolutely, extreme.Spicy bean curd — hidden in hemp, spicy through hemp, spicy neutralization of fresh fragrance, fresh fragrance is no lack of sweet and salty…White through red, cotton hidden needle, rich and mellow, deep taste……Chinese food emphasizes “compound flavor”.Compound what?Taste buds, small lumps in the tongue, sensitive human organs, all functions point to the same concept: taste, Chinese food pays attention to color, flavor and smell.Taste is the soul of catering.This taste, whether ancient or modern, is the sensory experience brought by human organs.Thus, in the competition items of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, there will be an immersive experience, namely the cultural PK of Chinese and Western food: dumpling platform, pizza endorsement.Dumplings are inclusive, implicit and restrained, while pizza is straightforward, rigid and flamboyant.Behind the characteristics of Western food, is their “two-point world outlook” — the first is the world itself, the second is the world’s domination of the world.Either A, A+, and BCDEFG…It doesn’t matter.I am me, you are you, either you die or I live, we do not share the sky, fire and water.In August 1939, on the eve of Hitler’s attack on Poland, a bizarre event was the signing of the “Soviet-German non-aggression Pact”.In June 1941, Germany attacked the Soviet Union.The same applies to the case of the Franco-Prussian War in 1812, in which Germany and France were the same Allies in the trenches after napoleon was overthrown by the 16-nation Western Coalition.One of the highlights of the two scenes is: “destroy” you, also move mind, also talk about stratagem, but both to kill each other, and then dominate alone, is their DNA.The most illustrative example is the “killing of the city”.Burning down the Old Summer Palace is actually a prescribed custom of western barbaric civilization.With the subjugations of the country and the species as the target, western culture, because of the characteristics of the other, there is no other, no one else, so that civilization can not continue, history has become a fragment.This is the reason why Chinese civilization is extensive and profound and has a long history.For example, “stinky tofu” in tofu — aroma and smell, beauty and ugliness, good and evil, true and false “exist and exist together, difficult and easy together, high and low together, length and length together…The embracing mind, the wisdom of the benevolent lover, and the all-embracing cultural connotation are the first to recognize harmony without uniformity;The second emphasizes that the sum is the upper.The third appeal is great harmony.What will happen to the world when foreign athletes fall in love with roast duck, dumplings and Chinese food?Food is the life of the people.There are three major systems of world food, French food, Turkish barbecue and Chinese food.When Chinese food comes up against caviar and roast meat, we pull out just one noodle and stand out.”Spaghetti” is Italian noodles, there are more than 500 styles, with sauce combination can be thousands of kinds, is the western meal meal is the most close to the Variety of Chinese food.But there is only one type of flour, called Durin wheat, from which it is a key ingredient.First, this noodle is authentic. Second, if you don’t have this flour, you can’t eat noodles.There are more than 1400 kinds of noodles in Chinese food. As a raw material, flour can even be extended to corn, sorghum, buckwheat and other coarse grains. There is no rigid regulation of which wheat flour can make noodles so narrow, paranoid and mechanical.Durin wheat is the hardest, the noodles are not scattered, hehe.Let the noodles harden, the Chinese have 3672 changes.To make noodles hard in soft, soft on soft, no matter how soft, no matter how hard, no matter how hard, apply both soft and hard, soft can overcome hardness, is the Chinese people’s best play, is the profound Chinese culture — tolerance, compatibility, tolerance: the rough and bold of sliced noodles…Chongqing noodles mellow and fragrant…The delicacy and length of yangchun noodles…Eat fine food, eat fine food.For example, the organizing work of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games (1) coordinated with the epidemic prevention organization, 2) carried out the events, and 3) integrated resources. The excellent Chinese experience made The President of Owey International Bhaglan call this a “great” Olympic Games.There has never been a country like China that does what it likes and does what it does well.How to be a man?How to do it?The Chinese people have 5,000 years of wisdom on how to do good things for others.Take “ramen noodles,” a wad of flour transformed by a Chinese chef into a silky, pliable and breathtaking masterpiece of culinary art: tai chi on noodles.Knife skill, heat, vary from person to person, because of different materials, is the most basic skills of cooking, western food?Fried chicken, soft fried dry fried fried crispy fried wrapped fried, fried paste alone there are whole egg paste egg white paste paste paste paste hair powder paste egg bubble paste……Chinese chef on raw materials, processing, cooking of total quality management, system integration, which is not “governing a big country like cooking a small fresh” unparalleled master?The complex taste of Chinese food, the comprehensive thinking of the Chinese people, the extensive and profound “fine” management + “deep” processing of Chinese civilization — China can take the initiative to clean up the country without closing its door. The first thing we can think of can be done, the second thing we need to do is to be the best, and the third thing nothing can confuse the Chinese.The earth is still a circle.Although technology is flattening it.Or the flatter it gets, the rounder it gets.Shallots and carrots are two of the most hardcore vegetables in western food.1 is not low nutritional value 2 is not cut into the potato silk as the knife skill 3 can solve the greasy.The extensive diet operation, the concept of seeking the maximization of profit value, and the “greasy” undisguised “openness” in Western culture — for example, even in the painting depicting the people’s uprising, the naked Goddess of Liberty should be guided.If it goes further, it will extend to democracy, freedom and equality, and even go further, it will also extend to other countries, nations, civilizations and cultures. Therefore, it will be closed, ignorant and barbaric. There are two questions left: First, apart from shallots and carrots, aren’t other vegetables vegetables?Is the second person who eats both, therefore, the most excellent?One of the characteristics of Chinese food is that medicine and food come from the same origin.Since Shennong tasted all kinds of herbs, Chinese people’s cultural pursuit of nutrition, health and health preservation has been unparalleled.For example, shredded turnip tofu soup: protein + TRADITIONAL Chinese medicine = Chinese food civilization why do “green Olympics”?Sustainability means that we should not be insatiable. It means that we should use the resources provided by nature in a moderate, restrained and limited way, and develop infinite creativity and development within the thinking framework of the integration of nature and man.Three fish to eat, exhausted cooking, but the fish or that one;Chicken feet, duck intestines, pig blood…It is not only for the orderly exploitation of resources, but also for the special respect for the food provided by nature.In contrast, after the western steak, where does the rest of the beef go?What to do with the innards of discarded animals?Does the idea of eating like this, of being a superpower at the top of the food chain, make sense first?Is number 2 appropriate?Does the third conform to human morality?Thus, when foreigners eat Chinese food, when Chinese culture spreads to the world, when Chinese civilization is in full swing, and the mainstream Western culture, which has been popular for more than 200 years, is gradually fading,The first can not help but beat the second can not justify the third is difficult to lead the next human civilization process – violent arbitrary linear thinking + a road to black extreme behavior = through western food (knife and gun eating raw straightforward bloodlust…)”Who is the master of the vast earth?”For example, catering, the first to delicious, the second to eat, the third to eat well.For example, human beings, number 1 is peace, number 2 is equality, and number 3 all want to live a good life.Chinese style catering: reflect the concept of reunion, to meet everyone’s taste buds, the connotation of infinite creativity, to show the rich skills, reproduce the second nature, leading the sustainable development, advocating the concept of healthy green nutrition – “the wind, the turtle and snake quiet, the grand plan.The goddess should be safe, and the world should be shocked…”