Worthy of the top flow!Thirteen years ago, “Fight the Firmament” was still no. 1, right up there with “Stargate.

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When I was looking for novels, I came across the hot list of the starting point.Although such lists are not comprehensive to some extent, they can still reflect a lot of information.Topping the list was the classic novel “Fight through the Firmament” from 13 years ago.Have to say, even if silkworm potatoes are living on their own money, that is to eat deep pockets.Who let the somebody else a novel to include after ten years of net writing many fantasy routines, so that today’s fantasy novels, there are still works in use at that time.Are potatoes too far ahead, or are fantasy novels too far behind?In fact, there is such a result, to a large extent with tudou on the operation of the novel.By expanding the extension of adaptation, “Fight against the Sky” repeatedly meets readers and audiences in various forms, which successfully makes this novel go out of the online reading platform and enter the common people across age groups.The variety of presentation also lowers the threshold for public acceptance of the novel, which is the root cause of the novel’s popularity.But when fans return to the original novels, those adaptations deepen readers’ understanding of the original novels through interpretation.This interactive and complementary way of operation raised the popularity of Tiansilkworm Tudou, and the popularity of the novel continues to this day.It can be seen that apart from this novel, “Sky Cover”, “Douro Continent” and “Perfect World” are all works that have been completed for a long time and still have the current popularity, all of which are due to the operation mode of the above types of works.And “fight to break the Sky” is different from it, no “dou Luo mainland” creation time is long, no “star gate” creation time is new, but still can lead the hot search list number one, in the heat and “star gate” this new book works shoulder, more can explain the silkworm potato novel extraordinary place.Silkworm potato is worthy of the top flow!What do you think of Silkworm potato and his novel?