Zhang Ziyi, 43, was photographed celebrating her birthday. Wang Feng and his 2-year-old son sang on the spot

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The couple in the entertainment industry has attracted a lot of attention, especially when Huang Xiaoming officially announced his divorce from Angelababy a year ago, which caused a lot of speculation, among which the high fever is Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng, their marriage status has also been questioned by netizens.On February 9, Zhang ziyi’s 43rd birthday, Wang feng was slightly injured by zhang Ziyi. He said that on his birthday, besides Zhang ziyi’s own wishes, he also has a wish for Zhang Ziyi. His wish is to make Zhang Ziyi happy.In the past, Zhang Ziyi posted photos of her family celebrating her birthday every year. However, on her 22nd birthday, Zhang Ziyi did not share pictures of her family celebrating her birthday. However, some netizens found that some friends posted a video of zhang’s birthday on social media.The friend revealed that Zhang ziyi’s family spent their birthday in Sanya, looking super warm and harmonious, very envied. In the video posted by the friend, Zhang Ziyi was wearing a white T-shirt, matching skirt, and her daughter next to her, as if they were sisters.On the same day, Zhang Ziyi held a microphone and little Apple was standing next to her. Little Apple was as tall as her mother, and they seemed to have a very good relationship, as close as a best friend. And Zhang Ziyi was also in a very good state.Not only that, Wang Feng and his two-year-old son sang a love song “When I Miss You” to his wife Zhang Ziyi. When singing, Wang feng squatted down to match his son’s height. The scene was very warm and relaxed, and the scene was also very romantic, with a sense of ceremony.Looking at Zhang Ziyi listening to the song, she was very moved and recorded the whole process with her mobile phone. This sweet moment, she also touched her two-year-old son’s face with her hands. Wang Feng looked at this picture gently, feeling that the happiness would soon overflow the screen.But in the birthday video, there is no sign of Waking up. In the past birthdays, Zhang Ziyi has posted photos of her family. If Waking up comes out of the camera, the birthday party will be more perfect.Although Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi, has been married for many years, and have children, but the marriage of two people, has been questioned by the outside world, on the eve of the Spring Festival, two people were also reported marriage rumors, for this rumor, Zhang Ziyi directly issued a statement, false, peak elder brother tomorrow morning to tell who will tell who.I have to say that Zhang Ziyi and Wang Feng really have a sense of ceremony. No matter who in their family is celebrating their birthday, they will arrange a birthday party. This is not something that unhappy couples can do.Conclusion: I hope that the marriage between Wang Feng and Zhang Ziyi can last for a long time, they can always be so loving and happy, and their children can grow up safely, healthy and happy.