Biden didn’t expect that his staff would come clean!Russia’s foreign ministry denounced the United States: must give an explanation

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Russia’s foreign Ministry has demanded an explanation from the US for conducting biological tests in Ukraine, following Revelations of long-hidden us secrets and evidence of us efforts to develop biological weapons in violation of international law.It is reported that The Russian side also plans to send experts in related fields to Ukraine for investigation.The United States and Ukraine deny the allegations from Russia.Ironically, just before The Russians released the evidence, the DEPUTY secretary of state publicly acknowledged the existence of American biological research-related facilities in Ukraine and ensured that the material would not fall into Russian hands.The us deputy secretary of State’s statement was an apparent admission of the Ukrainian biological laboratory.In response, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that the dialogue between US politicians proves that the US is carrying out biological research in Ukraine, and the so-called materials are evidence of us criminal activities in Ukraine.Russia has repeatedly expressed concern about THE US actions and demanded an explanation.Now Russia has found evidence of American biological research.Russia said the United States should not and does not have the opportunity to remain silent, and the world is waiting for the United States to explain.If the United States does not stop its illegal biological experiments in Ukraine, they could get out of control and cause serious consequences if they fall into the hands of extremist forces.Russia has set up a body to investigate U.S. biological experiments in Ukraine.In recent days, Russia has published documents showing the existence of a research network of up to 30 BIOLOGICAL laboratories in Ukraine set up by the United States on behalf of the U.S. military to study biological weapons.Russia has found evidence that US-funded laboratories in Ukraine carried out biological experiments to develop biological weapons.As early as last month, Ukraine ordered the destruction of pathogens in the laboratory.Russia said the move violated international conventions.U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland said in a question and answer session with lawmakers on Thursday (local time) that Ukraine has biological research facilities and that the United States and Ukraine should prevent research materials from falling into Russia’s hands.Before, the United States and Ukraine did not recognize the relevant facts, nuland’s remarks are no doubt tantamount to a public admission.Some American media even claimed that Russian media were using this information war to cover up the facts.Information also indicates that some dangerous pathogens from U.S. biological laboratories in Ukraine have been destroyed.The United States has always been the only country not in compliance with the Chemical Weapons Convention.In addition to refusing to admit the crimes of the United States, the White House spokesman also smeared China and Russia, trying to promote the “conspiracy theory” that China agrees with Russia.But beyond that, there seems to be no other way for the US to deny the truth.The Russian Defense Ministry also found Ukrainian nationalists teaching local people how to respond to a chemical weapons attack on Tuesday.Russia sees this as a provocation, accusing it of using chemical weapons in the conflict, and is already suing the United States for developing chemical and biological weapons in Ukraine.America’s efforts prove that its research will not be used for just purposes.Some sources refer to Global Times