Fu ‘an issued a notice on epidemic prevention and control during the Spring Festival

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Makes will be coronavirus pneumonia epidemic prevention and control command notification regarding to do during the Spring Festival of epidemic prevention and control work of various development zones (town, street), the civil-operated institutions, citizens friends: at present, domestic epidemic trend more distributed, epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, and the Spring Festival approaching, high staff turnover, outside the input pressure surge.In order to consolidate the epidemic prevention and control achievements and scientifically and precisely carry out epidemic prevention and control work in Zhuhai during the Spring Festival, the Municipal Headquarters for Epidemic Prevention and control announced the following matters: 1. Strengthen the management of people entering the ROK from abroad and from key areas.Strictly implement the “14+7+7” health management measures and the whole process of closed-loop transport management for overseas people entering the ROK.During the Spring Festival, to have a high risk area county (city) 14 days into Korean personnel shall be subject to the centralized medical observation, risk areas in the county (city, area) into the Korean people for 14 days (improve frequency) nucleic acid detection, medical observation that occupy the home city divided into districts, high-risk areas in other county (district) strictly implement 14 days home health monitoring.In addition, during the Spring Festival travel rush, people returning to their hometowns from port cities outside the province or from positions with high occupational exposure risk are required to hold negative nucleic acid test certificates within 48 hours upon entering the ROK.People returning to the ROK from outside the province should take the initiative to take a nucleic acid test at a nucleic acid testing institution within 24 hours after entering the ROK.2. Strengthen travel management.During the Spring Festival, the general public is urged to pay close attention to the situation at home and abroad, and not to travel to medium-high risk areas and their districts and cities if it is not necessary.The staff of all organs and units in the city (including part-time staff) should take the lead in reducing unnecessary travel, advocating local festivals, home vacations, city Tours and surrounding Tours. Those who really need to go out should be approved by the main leaders of the units. They should take good personal protection during going out, report to the authorities in time after returning to Korea, and do a good job in health monitoring and management.Iii. Strengthen epidemic management in schools.All schools in the city should carry out epidemic prevention and control work accurately and orderly, formulate and refine emergency plans and epidemic prevention and control systems, and detail the requirements of school joint prevention and control work into every link of education and teaching, so as to ensure teaching safety.During the Spring Festival, school staff and students are not allowed to leave Korea without special circumstances and are not allowed to go to high school risk areas.If it is really necessary to leave the administrative area of Ningde City, the examination and approval record system shall be strictly implemented.Fourth, strengthen the management of large-scale events.During the Spring Festival, the general public must adhere to the “non must not gathered, party and government organs, enterprises and institutions in the city or village (house), the industry association (society), the individual citizens, not necessary don’t organize activities of various genres, the clan fellowship aggregation activities such as parties, temple fairs, chamber of commerce, advocates the” red “” heavy” Jane do, reduce risk aggregation outbreak of an epidemic.When it is necessary to hold an event, relevant prevention and control measures will be strictly implemented in accordance with the principle of “who is responsible for hosting and organizing the event” to prevent the spread of the epidemic during the gathering.Fifth, strengthen the management of public places.The city’s shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas and theatres, the farmer’s market, Internet cafes, hotels, hotels and other crowded public place to implement the control of main body responsibility, strictly implement the temperature measurement, test code, current limiting, one-meter line, ventilation and disinfection measures, such as on a regular basis to the elevator and other public facilities, public places for shoppers, keep ventilated and sanitation at ordinary times,And equipped with appropriate masks, gloves, disinfectants, thermometer and other epidemic prevention materials.All hotels, hotels, b&BS and other accommodation places should strictly implement measures such as temperature measurement, “health code” check, and standard wearing of masks, and provide negative nucleic acid test certificates for accommodation personnel from outside the province (returning to the ROK).6. Strengthen vaccination management.Vaccination is the most effective means to prevent COVID-19. People of the right age without contraindications should actively fulfill their civic obligations and further improve the vaccination coverage rate of the “one old and one small” group, so as to ensure that the appropriate age group should receive vaccines as much as possible, and those in key positions should receive vaccines as required, so as to reduce the immunization blank population in our city and build an immune barrier for the population together.Those who conceal, falsely report or fail to implement prevention and control measures in accordance with regulations, thus causing serious consequences such as the spread of the epidemic, will be held accountable in accordance with the law.Please do not believe rumors, do not spread rumors, together to build a tight defense line.Other matters concerning epidemic prevention and control are subject to previous circulars issued by the Headquarters and will not be repeated here.Fuan Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Prevention and Control Command