Hebei Yongnian: “five-step mediation” to resolve people’s “troubles”

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Democracy and legal network news (reporter Zhang Jun correspondent Hao Xiaoguang) “thank you for bothering to solve the contradictions that have troubled us for so many years, let us get back together!”Recently, Hebei Province Handan City yongnian district Xinzhuang Baoxiang Yang mou came to the township comprehensive governance center, will be printed with a “for the people care for the people care for the people,” the words of the banner, to the hands of the mediator Wu Guangen.Yang of the contradiction between one and nephew from two years earlier land disputes, mediation failed several times after the grid member, secretary of the township ZongZhi center called counting and follow villager power, straighten out one by one the land border, travel corridor, such as complicated relationships, agree and sign the mediation agreement, bitterness together for many years to resolve family conflicts.This is an epitome of yongnian district actively carrying out the “five-step mediation work law” to resolve conflicts and disputes.Since this year, Yongnian area highlights the source of prevention, comprehensive management, actively implement network style, township xian tune, station tune, industry tune, experts tune “five-step mediation work method”, a large number of social contradictions resolved at the grass-roots level, to solve in the local.”Rural grid management is the focus of grassroots governance, but also the front position to solve social conflicts and disputes, we must lay a solid foundation, responsibility down, to ensure that conflicts and disputes follow.”Yu Gaoqi, a member of the Standing Committee of yongnian District Committee and secretary of the Political and Legal Affairs Committee, said in an interview that the district has extended its responsibility for social governance to the village to the grid, covering every household.There are 363 basic-level grids in the whole region, with 30 to 70 households in each grid.Village party branch secretary as grid long, packet village cadres for the grid member.Grid members provide direct services to households, timely tracking of various unstable factors such as conflicts and disputes, security risks in the grid, and opening up the “last 100 meters” of social governance.Liu Ying town Yang Liu Ying village Yang mou a because neighbor Yang Mou b builds a house to build a building affected his daylighting, both sides produce contradiction dispute no less.Village grid member intervention mediation, repeated ideological work to do both sides, agreed to Yang mou b in perfect rural homestead procedures after building a house.Yang mou a is satisfied with the result of processing, and send a pennant to express gratitude.Since the beginning of this year, 1,786 grid workers in Yongnian District have timely investigated and resolved 361 cases of various conflicts and disputes, and handled 256 cases of people’s livelihood services, focusing on epidemic prevention and control and social stability.Follow villager adjustment: “people” to “hundred” YongNian area in the country elected authoritative, experience, fair play, retired veteran cadres, whole, trusted by the masses of old teachers, policemen and rich leader of politics and law group members follow villager mediation, give full play to their “people cooked, cooked, and cooked” advantage, actively participate in coordination to solve disputes.During the Spring Festival this year, east Yangzhuang town Zhang Yangzhuang village Li’s children in the neighborhood of neighbor Zhang xx home ignition play, zhang XX parked car ignition, resulting in burning scrap, two families due to compensation issues conflict.After mediation by the village party secretary and grid members, the two sides of the compensation amount dispute, each other.The village party secretary called xiangxian mediation group members for mediation, mediation group members in line with the principle of empathy, empathy, argument, theory of affection, so that the two sides understand each other, reached consensus on the compensation problem, this contradiction dispute has been successfully solved.Hou Tianzhao, secretary of yongsan Village branch in Yonghehui Town, said with deep experience that in the past, when there were conflicts and disputes, only a few pollsters in the village felt difficult to mediate, and some disputes were easily dragged into big problems due to the delay in mediation.Now there is the xiangxian mediation group, the masses have any trouble are willing to let xiangxian mediation group members to mediate.For some things that we cannot mediate, let the villagers sit down and talk about, listen to, comment on reason, talk about affection, and many difficult and sad things will be solved.Since the beginning of this year, Yongnian district has established 363 mediation organizations of township elites, absorbing 2212 mediators of township elites, and successfully mediated 113 conflicts, with a success rate of 92%.Station adjustment: therefore, the integration of resources are from the village of west high solid so-and-so and zhang li mou some village residents, two for neighborhood disputes, known as the bitterness, the two sides in drunk because of trivial matters, li mou a spur of the moment to so-and-so home and its theory, then physical confrontation, zhang x, a head injury to compensate for problems reflected in the town.The town comprehensive medical treatment center immediately organized the court, the police station, the township mediator to understand the case seriously, considering that although the target amount of the case is not large, but the two houses are adjacent to each other, if any party is not satisfied after the judgment, it is easy to cause a lot of chain reaction.Mediators from the perspective of reasonable law, patience to persuade both parties to do mediation work.Finally, the two sides reached an agreement and the case was successfully mediated.Yongniang district effectively play the role of township comprehensive governance center, the “thing to solve” on the heavy position, standardize the working mechanism, enrich personnel strength, hire legal advisers, brand mediators, retired township cadres and other professional forces, in the center of the reception of the masses visit, full-time mediation work.Joint mediation shall be conducted for conflicts and disputes that are difficult to mediate at the village level and involve the functions and powers of the township level.If a round of mediation fails, the staff of “two offices and one court”, the leaders in charge of towns and townships, and the secretary of the Party Committee shall mediate to solve the problem to the maximum extent.Li Bo, party secretary of Liuying town, said: “After the implementation of the five-step mediation method, mediation forces have been integrated, the staff has been enriched, and a large number of disputes have been directly solved at the grassroots level, which has freed us up to focus more on economic development and other work.”Since the beginning of this year, a total of 122 disputes have been resolved at the township level, of which 24 cases have been resolved at or above the district level, accounting for one third of the total number of disputes mediated in the district.In January this year, Yongniang district Talk Wu town song mou for village health room construction occupation of land, blocked up yao xx room channel, the two sides because of boundary issues dispute, resulting in song mou emotional intensity to the district petition.The political and Legal Affairs Committee of the DISTRICT Party Committee promptly coordinated with leaders of The Zhaowu Town, The Natural Resources and Planning Bureau and the Health And Welfare Bureau to conduct consultation, study and judgment, and mediate in accordance with relevant policies and regulations, thus successfully resolving the problem.YongNian zone in medical and health care, education and industry field, such as traffic, the ecological environment was established 13 professional, industry of the people’s mediation organizations, to the villages and towns can’t resolve difficult issues, by the district party committee politics and law committee district people’s mediation center, according to the nature of disputes, the ownership of the responsibility for organizing a month to the chamber of commerce, summon relevant units from the perspective of policy and professional analysis,Come up with reasonable solutions.Since the beginning of this year, 123 cases of conflicts and disputes have been resolved through consultation, deliberation and judgment, and assistance from government departments.Experts adjustment:It is understood that Yongnian District from the district people’s Congress deputies, members of the CPPCC, judges, prosecutors, police, lawyers, notary, legal service workers and other personnel, selected 58 experienced, cross-regional mediation ability of industry experts, the establishment of the “mediation expert pool”,For the major disputes that cannot be resolved by towns and industries and the difficult and complex cases that occur in the district, through analysis, research and judgment, the situation is examined and treated, and appropriate mediators are arranged to mediate.On October 23, 2021, a collision occurred between a small car driven by Xing and an electric car driven by Chen. The accident caused Chen to fall down and get injured, and the vehicles on both sides were damaged to varying degrees.After the accident, Xing immediately sent Chen to the hospital for treatment, and prepaid 3,000 yuan of medical expenses.Later, the two sides could not reach an agreement on compensation costs, resulting in petitions to the district.The political and Legal Committee of the District Party Committee organized members of the expert mediation database to listen to the appeals and opinions of both parties carefully, clarify their thoughts, find out the crux of the problem, interpret the legal liability and compensation standards, and finally the two parties reached an agreement on the basis of volunariness and equality, and realized the settlement of the case.Yongnian district established the “five-step mediation work method”, daily investigation, case consultation, ledger management, supervision and evaluation, accountability reward and punishment system, smooth the investigation and collection of conflicts and disputes, police contact with the people, the public letters and visits channels, so that all kinds of appeals of the people can be solved quickly and efficiently.For the masses who still refuse to accept the conciliation opinions after various means of mediation, the district departments concerned shall issue official opinions, inform them clearly, and guide the masses to solve the problem through legal channels.”The ‘five-step mediation work method’ uses the common people’s method to unlock the common people’s ‘troubles’, stimulated the grassroots governance vitality.”Gao Qi said, “the next step, we will continue to explore practice, further improve the multivariate resolve disputes mechanism, adhere to the contradiction is not handed in, peace is not an accident, the service does not lack, to actively explore new path to the modernization of rural governance, better service the country revitalization strategy, strive to build a higher quality of higher levels of YongNian safely.”