Herbalife tells you the right way to sweat

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After the Spring Festival, big family home and fat a few catties?Spring is a good time to exercise, I believe that many people will choose this period of exercise to lose weight, the human body will inevitably sweat after intense exercise, sweat for exercise, remember to use the correct coping method.Image: pexels (license: https://www.pexels.com/zh-cn/license/) supplement moisture and sweating a lot in the process of the electrolyte can make the body loss of moisture and salt, resulting in a decrease of electrolytes such as sodium and chloride ions, easy to cause the body after dehydration electrolyte imbalances.Therefore, we should focus on timely replenishment of water and electrolytes and other exercise energy consumption.We can drink sports drinks or dilute salt water to maintain the balance of water and electrolytes. What I am drinking now is Yueqilii sports energy powder of Herbalife H24 series, which is a sports nutrition food specially designed by Herbalife for the sports party.Yueqili sports energy powder can help us replenish electrolytes and a variety of trace elements lost by the body, replenish the energy consumed during exercise, so as to help achieve better sports performance in the future.Whether it is aerobic exercise such as running and cycling, or strength training such as squats and jumping rope, timely replenishment of electrolytes and water after sweating can make sports performance better.It is also very easy to eat, just add 1 tablespoon (about 13.5 grams) of sports energy powder into 240 ml of water and stir evenly, during the exercise can be replenished at any time.It’s acai, sour, sweet and refreshing.Do not blow fans or air conditioners after you sweat a lot. It is recommended that you let your sweat dry slowly and naturally.When you stop after strenuous exercise, your body temperature drops rapidly, and you have a lot of sweat on your body. If you take off your clothes or blow to the cold wind, you will easily get sick and your body will deteriorate.At this time you can use a towel to wipe away excessive sweat on the skin, so you can avoid catching a cold.If your clothes are wet, you can change them.After sweating like a pig during a hot summer session, many people opt for a cold shower to refresh themselves, but it’s an unscientific method.After exercise, blood vessels under the skin dilate and sweat a lot.If the skin is stimulated by cold water, it will cause skin vasoconstriction through nerve reflex, reduce blood reflux, sweat will be blocked, heat cannot be emitted, and it is not conducive to muscle recovery.Photo source:Pexels hot weather in summer to sweat, movement after a period of time will be covered in sticky greasy, but even if the whole body, gooey, you also don’t because of greedy cool immediately take a shower immediately after exercise to blow air conditioning, in addition, also note to add energy to your body after the movement, brackish water, sports drinks or herbalife yue qi energy force movement powder is right choice,This way we can stay fresh and healthy even in the summer heat.Lose weight also do not neglect health, use the right method in order to maintain health while gaining good-looking figure.Did you get that?