Is it true that some people make tens of millions of dollars in short-term trading over several years?

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In fact, I have a lot of words to say at ordinary times, but I don’t seem to have a complete time to write them out. Today is Sunday. Sitting in the coffee house, I want to share my experience of trading with you.Picture I used to be a fund manager, is also a value investing, but experienced 2017 2018201 9 2020, my own investment style also changed, from longer-term value investment in the short term, even the day trading, because I do longer-term observed, actually very risky, because retracement could not control,Tickets such as Ningde Moutai BYD fell by 30% from their highs. Recently, a public fund of 100 billion yuan also fell by 30% in such a short time after the Chinese New Year, making the majority of residents feel miserable.Compared, choose strong plate in a strong position in the market shares, but has a strong security, and take the last month, under the condition of market crash, I also achieved 9% gains in January, February, New Year’s day this week and about 10% of earnings, compared with the market especially stocks fall is very big, the concept of almost all the plates are falling.This reason is in the market weak circumstances, no new funds into limited funds can only cluster to attack some popular high standard stocks, will cause Matthew effect, the strong constant strong!Second, do not abandon your subjective imagination, some friends always want to copy the bottom, Ningde times fell a board to copy, the result of the second board, the third board, the market is always right, we should respect the market choice, now the market is close to the efficient market, cheap tickets always have cheap reasons,The big public funds that hire so many master’s and doctoral fellows, and you know what they’ve all figured out, they’ve all figured out, there’s not a lot of pricing error in this market, there’s just money.The third to overcome the weakness of human nature what is the weakness of human nature, fear and greed, a ticket rose after three panels, you dare not into, as a result, he gained 10 rebounds, three sheep like horses, nine medical and sequence control development, hubei radio and television, the other is when you come in later in the day, the market is not as you imagine, results 2 open or low scales,You for another two points cut much of their positions, and so, to fall more and more attached to eat several drop stop third, market including stock timing and positions, than the timing and positions, to pick stocks actually is the least important, a lot of friends asked me, can you give me a good ticket, often at this time I wry smile,Who want to have that kind of super ability is the world’s richest man early, we can only adapt to the market, which is strong to do which, and through the configuration of a position, to share the risk of hedge, in times of poor effect to make money to underweight or short positions as far as possible, and in good effect to make money to fully dry, not always a fourth position, about winning and loss ratio,In fact, the deficit has been far more important than the winning rate, a lot of experts all the year round of trading, in fact, the winning rate is around 50%, that is to say, every two trades have been over with stop loss, but the winning rate often reached 3:1 or 4:1, that is to say, the first day of the purchase of the ticket, the 2nd day may be in deficit 1~2 points cut storehouse,But money can earn six points in 8 points, and even the occasional plate, 5 no one can help got you, the most important thing is that you after continuous trading, constantly improve their trading system robustness, overcome your greed and fear, as well as the emotional exchange, here to say, by the way, do short term you the opportunity to learn much more than being long-term,Because you are a few checks are several times a year, long term business opportunity, but if every day do short-term trading, a day a few votes, more than 200 days a year, you have more than 1000 times the opportunity to learn, as the saying goes, practice makes perfect, the number of trading is much, natural your level is raised, of course, some people are full-time is not suitable for short term that there would be no way by,Have give up there will be 6, the first 20 years is the golden age of real estate, the biggest difference between the rich and have no money people and no room is a room, but over the next 20 years is the equity of the era, like ordinary people most of the assets in the U.S. are now in stock, because their pensions are bought stock, and the Chinese most are based on the salary income is given priority to,Assets income is low, this phenomenon will be corrected later, the rich than the poor, the biggest difference is that sex income or assets is called passive income accounts for most of the short-term trading actually do is to spend a lot of time and energy, I choose full-time do the deal, because I don’t want to be the face of the world in the workplace, I enjoy the free state, this state is not for everyone, of course,So you want to choose appropriate investment means according to his circumstance, can do for instance decide to cast, the experience that hopes above trades to everybody to have help, be original not easy, hope everybody dot praise hits reward to support!With your support, I will be motivated to share with you often!