Psychological quality is strong, Gu Ailing error after showing not common strength, the first show into the final, CCTV anger praise

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At present, the world sports festival Beijing Winter Olympics is in full swing.Among the Chinese contestants, Gu Is probably the one who gets the most attention.This is not only because she is an outstanding student player, more importantly, she is also known as the “gold harvester”.As the key player for the Chinese delegation to win the gold medal, Gu Ailing’s competition attracted great attention from the domestic audience., the qualification to the next round of the freestyle skiing women’s big platform GuAiLing showed strong psychological quality, in the second jump error, the third jump must have perfect play, GuAiLing showed a strong psychological quality on the one hand, on the other hand, showing the strong strength, eventually got high marks, to advance to the final phase of the game.Her performance, let CCTV commentators are some excited, directly roar.Gu, one of the most watched Athletes at the Beijing Winter Olympics, is the favorite to win three gold MEDALS: women’s halfpipe freestyle skiing, women’s slopestyle skiing and women’s big jump.In today’s women’s freestyle ski big jump, the top 12 skiers will advance to the finals with 25 competitors, according to the rules.Facing her strengths, Gu Is very confident.Although it was her first time participating in such a big event as the Winter Olympics, she was not nervous.In the first round, she played solidly and scored a good score of 89, ranking third among 25 contestants.At the end of the round, Gu had a very relaxed smile on her face and even blew kisses to the audience.Entering the second round, Gu made a mistake this time.At that time, she tried to grasp the board with both hands in a very difficult move, but failed.Gu Ailing after the mistake was a moment of emotion was affected, she bowed her head and left quickly.Because she knew she needed to get herself in shape quickly to do a good third jump or risk not making the cut.After the second round, Gu’s ranking dropped to 16th, which would have prevented her from advancing to the final.Therefore, the third jump is very important for Gu, that is to say, gu will not make any mistakes in this third jump.After Gu Came on stage, judging from her expression, she was relatively relaxed and did not show that she was very nervous.Sure enough, the mentally strong Gu executed the whole routine beautifully in the third jump, scoring 72.25 points for a total of 161.25 points and qualifying for the final.At this moment of gu Ailing’s successful promotion, CCTV commentary Yu Jia was very excited, almost with a roar of way to say: “success, Gu Ailing showed a strong psychological quality!”.Interestingly, gold medal favourite Siirdaru made a mistake on his jump and was eliminated from the competition with a total score of 125.50.Women’s freestyle skiing platform is a new event added to the Beijing Winter Olympics, and this event is one of Gu Ailing’s strengths.She is the first woman in the world to complete the 1440 degree double somersault. She has strong strength and is definitely capable of hitting the gold medal.This winter Olympics debut, Gu Ailing showed a strong psychological quality and common strength, we have reason to believe that she will have more outstanding performance in the next competition.