Solve crimes!Why did China’s women’s football team defeat Japan on penalty kicks in Asian Cup

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Solve crimes!Why The Chinese women’s football team eliminated Japan on penalty kicks in the Asian Cup?Netizens pointed out: hit the nail on the head in overtime absolutely flat ball before, may be the vast majority of the audience are from the heart to give up, think the Chinese women’s team lost, but the women’s girls never give up, fight to the last second, finally through a penalty shootout to stand, the spirit of never give up, fight to the last second, is worth all people respect and learning.With the mentality of the team and the quality of the coaching, I believe that winning the championship is really not a dream.The difference between Chinese women’s football team and men’s football team: They can still create miracles when even you think it is impossible.When everyone thought there was still a chance, the men’s team gave up early!I was really a little worried about the final, I was afraid of physical exhaustion, but fortunately, South Korea’s strength is not as strong as Japan’s, the final cheer for the girls, to the final has been very precious.It was really not easy to play against Japan. Although there was a technical gap, we finally won the knockout match through the reasonable arrangement of the coach and the direction of the forest field as well as the indomitable fighting spirit of the girls.Congratulations to The Chinese women’s football team, hoping to get rid of the negative shadow over the women’s football team in the past few years, let the sonorous roses bloom again, and become one of the world’s powerful women’s football team.Now, the technical and tactical playing methods and scenes are two levels worse than Japan. In 1999, the women’s football team was a combination of technical and tactical pass control and closing down. It is not worth being proud of winning, and there is still a long way to go.To tell you the truth, Korea is not good to play, can draw Japan to win Australia, it shows that the strength is still very strong, this game will be very tough, but I believe the women’s football girls will win, because they are Sonora roses.We don’t have a great national league to enjoy, we don’t have great clubs to be crazy about, we don’t even have a decent men’s national team.But what does it matter?We have a Chinese women’s soccer team!Thanks to the Chinese women’s football team let us experience the thrilling watching the match, thanks to the Chinese women’s football team let us experience the surge of emotion, thanks to the Chinese women’s football team, let us have such a rare opportunity to support their football team and crazy ecstasy!So little has been invested in women’s football that winning at such a disadvantage is all the more precious.The women’s football team played with the spirit of never giving up at the national level, and also taught the men’s football team how to play even if they are in a weak position, they should not lose even if they lose. If they do not fight for a chance, they will have a chance.In the final, the experiences of these two teams are somewhat similar, both of them lost possession rate and finally seized the opportunity at the last moment, a final in regular time, our women’s soccer team won the penalty shootout in stoppage time to survive the pressure, hope the final is still exciting.The same against Japan, the same cannot touch the ball, the same cannot organize the attack, the same passive situation, the women’s football team finally can turn the defeat into victory, the men’s football team really should think about what is going on.The spirit of men’s football after falling behind is that it is impossible to come back.Although the women’s football team also fell behind in the extra time, although the ball was very hasty and made a lot of mistakes, but the feeling is: we must equalize, this gap is too big, watching the two games can definitely see it.The last time I can think of a men’s team playing this hard was when they drew with Iran in 2004, which also happened to be the semi-final of the Asian Cup.Men’s football so tenacious scene is really not much, with women’s football spirit level is not the least bit, men’s football backbone do not know when was kicked out.The Japanese goalkeeper is a little unreliable at first glance, and the reason why he was robbed is that he was right on the body. I don’t mean there was no mistake in passing the ball, I mean stopping and receiving the ball.You carefully look at the high ball stop will know the gap, and Japan and our front 50-50 open grab the ball, the body dominance are often grab but.Only when the back is good and the body is resistant can you take it.In this Asian Cup, the women’s football team has nothing except the coaching team of players and basic support staff, and there are no special planes or service staff from 1 to 200 hundred people. On the other hand, they are pure people who come to India and want to contribute to the country.Unlike one team in Hanoi, where the attendants outnumber the women’s team in India and they were beaten so hard they didn’t know where to go.A few days ago, I saw a news that if the men’s football team wins away to Vietnam, there will be 6 million prize money, while the women’s football team will only get 6 million prize money if they win the Asian Cup, I think we can give the men’s football team the 6 million prize money now, and give them another 6 million two days later.The point is that it was a great game, up and down, unyielding, fighting hard and winning.More investment in women’s football in the future is the right way, at least the visible hope.As for some of the scandalous things, they are mostly wasted.What do you think about that?