When signing a second-hand housing contract, these four pits do not step on

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Q: I am looking at a second-hand house and will sign a contract tomorrow. What should I pay attention to?B: Well, there are a few things that must be made clear in advance when signing the second-hand house contract, otherwise there will be endless trouble.First, the first to implement their own house purchase qualifications, to know whether they have local house purchase qualifications, credit is good.The purchase qualification can have an intermediary to assist you to inquire online, advance the couple credit, bank flow, income proof, to the cooperative bank to customer manager pre-check whether can smoothly loan, if because of these circumstances can not lead to the house transfer, default liability is all you.Second, the property right of the house must be clear whether clear, whether there is mortgage or seal up, unclear property right is a big taboo to buy a house, this can be taken by the intermediary buyer and seller to the relevant department for data or detailed inquiry on the Internet.If the house is jointly owned, the co-owner must also be present to sign, and if there are special reasons for not being present, a power of attorney is required.The implementation of the original and all property owners of the identity of the information, to prevent the occurrence of cheating the first payment situation.Third, the seller should issue two important statements, “the house did not set up the right of residence statement” and “the house did not set up the rental statement”, if the house has established the right of residence, enjoy the right of residence to issue a “give up the right of residence statement”, otherwise you do not go to buy a house can not live in.If there is a tenant in the house, it is clear that the sale is not a break in the lease, you and the seller of the lease to the end of the lease, after the transfer of the proceeds of the lease will go to who.Be established additionally the person of right of residence and tenant, have priority to buy the right of this house property, issue even so “give up priority to purchase right statement”.Fourth, the account problem, the contract must reflect the account out of the time and do not move out of the account of breach of contract responsibility, even if you do not need to settle, but in the later stage again, the account will not move out will let you sell at a discount.Thank you for your watch.