Fidelity Lexus UX $3000 premium purchase tax halving policy

2022-06-17 0 By

Lexus special tasting!Lexus imported hybrid SUV UX260 discount 3000 yuan!Financial car purchase can enjoy 30% down payment, 0 interest or enjoy the factory subsidy purchase tax policy of half!A variety of financial policies for you to choose!An ID card car loan home!Special line: 0371-55500060;Invitation gift — you can give a beautiful gift if you are invited to visit the car for a test drive.Introduction gift — old customers introduce new customers to buy a car to enjoy a Lexus bicycle.Upgrade gift — Toyota/Lexus owners to purchase and replace the maximum subsidy of 12000 YUAN;Green exclusive enjoy — buy UX300e enjoy 0 down payment 0 interest, 1-3 years salvage value guarantee.Address: Henan Auto Trade Center (Exit B of Jinda Road Station of Metro Line 2), 1km north to the intersection of Huayuan North Road and Lianhuo Expressway, Zhengzhou city, From February 19, 2022 to February 20, 2022