Good news!Chinese men’s basketball draw on the sign, Du Feng strong position, half of the national team into the semifinals

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Q: how can I receive such interesting original sports information every day?A: Just tap the “focus” button in the upper right corner to realize your dreams.The third phase of the CBA regular season is just around the corner, and there is good news from the Asian Cup.In the draw ceremony, The Chinese men’s basketball team with Bahrain, South Korea and Chinese Taipei in group B, whether in strength, or historical record, The Chinese men’s basketball team has an absolute advantage.Among the three opponents, South Korea is the strongest. However, in 16 international matches, China men’s basketball team has achieved a proud record of 13 wins and 3 losses.Although Zhou yixiang left Beijing Shougang and returned to Taiwan to play in the Asian Cup, he was only a role player who could not even play under Yanis and posed no threat.Bahrain does not even have a proper domestic professional league, and its participation in the Asian Cup is purely to make up the numbers.There is no doubt that this is a good sign, The Chinese men’s basketball team is expected to win all three games.As the coach du Feng also publicly stated, he confidently said that the Asian Cup mission is very clear, is to go to the champion, we should set up a fearless mentality, play the Spirit of The Chinese team, firm forward, journey!In the Asian Cup qualifier earlier, Du feng showed brave and resourceful, boldly copied guangdong Hongyuan’s winning small ball tactics, the result of the double kill Japan achieved a very significant effect.With Du feng’s statement, fans have more confidence, even in the semifinals to face the powerful Australia also have no fear.In this situation, I think the opportunity for young players is here, only half of the national teams need to qualify for the semi-finals.For this, the author specially lists this detailed list.In the back line are Du feng’s favorite xu Jie and Hu Mingxuan, as well as Liao Sanning, a rising star of Beikong, and Li Tianrong of Shanghai. Hu Mingxuan has become an indispensable core force of the national team after his outstanding performances in the two major international competitions last year.Despite being a rookie, Liao sanning averaged 14 points, 4.5 rebounds and 5 assists per game this season. He is a well-rounded player with high development potential and is expected to become the next Aaron Guo.Forward position respectively liaoning new star Zhang Zhenlin, Qi Lin and Zhu Mingzhen.Zhang zhenlin’s growth is obvious to all. He has become the core of Liaoning and the national team. He has excellent physical fitness and strong attacking ability, and he is the perfect choice for the front line.Qi Lin has been selected to the National training team for many times and has no problem in running in, while Zhu Mingzhen GUI is the second pick and has excellent athletic ability.Inside is Shen Zijie, Wang Shaojie, Hu Jinqiu and Yu Jiahao, shen Zijie’s ability to be selected into the national team is not any problem, the more important reason is that he needs to lead the new, Hu Jinqiu’s role is the same.Yu jiahao and Wang Shaojie are both potential stars who have an obvious advantage in height, so enriching their big tournament experience will give them greater responsibility in the future.From the roster point of view, this is really half a national team, except hu Mingxuan, Zhang Zhenlin and Shen Zijie, the rest of the players are new faces.Of course, when it comes to the semifinals, it won’t work against a team as strong as Australia, and Du will have to use zhou Qi, Guo Ailun, Zhao Jiwei, Zhou Peng and Yi Jianlian, the main players of the national team.Do you think this Chinese men’s basketball team can qualify for the semifinals of the Asian Cup?