In 2025, The ease of doing business in Liaoning will rank among the advanced in China

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Liaoning Business Environment Construction Action Plan (2020-2025) proposes that by the end of the “14th Five-year Plan”, the province will achieve “only submit materials once” for all applications.There is no need to find a relationship between market subjects and the masses in handling affairs, handling cases and reflecting problems.We will continue to focus on government trust-breaking practices…Recently, the provincial government office issued the business environment construction of liaoning province action plan (2021-2025), puts forward liaoning to the evaluation standard of the National Development and Reform Commission on business environment, to achieve all the indicators “good” or above level, ease of doing business to enter the national advanced level, shenyang, dalian, two cities the evaluation indexes all benchmark city level,We will strive to foster a business environment that is convenient, law-based, cost-competitive and livable.Liaoning will deepen the reform of delegating power to lower levels, and continue to streamline administration and delegate power.We will advance the reform of “submitting materials only once”.Build a “holistic government” to achieve cross-regional, cross-department and cross-level data sharing and business collaboration.Take Shenyang city as the pilot, carry out gradually in shenyang modern metropolis circle.By the end of the “14th Five-year Plan”, the whole province has realized the “only one submission of materials” handling according to the application items, forming reform results with Liaoning characteristics.The plan proposes to continuously expand the scope of online services and self-service services to provide convenient 24-hour services for enterprises and the masses, so as to achieve “no face-to-face” work.Through the integration of online and offline services, we will promote the transformation of government services from traditional examination and approval to smart services, and drive the growth and efficiency of government services.We will extend government services to people’s doorsteps and ensure that they can be run close to them, thus opening up the “last 100 meters” of government services to the people.By 2025, all townships (streets) and villages (communities) service centers (stations) will be covered.The plan of “digital government + Fintech” to help solve financing difficulties and expensive financing was put forward to accelerate the promotion and application of financial innovative products and make financing more convenient.Through the “digital government plus fintech” model, we will help solve the difficulty and high cost of financing for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises.Integrate all kinds of data and build a big data platform.Processing and sorting the collected data, providing information query services, and relying on the platform to carry out financial matching services.Build enterprise credit evaluation model and risk control model, innovate financial products and services.According to the zero-threshold zero-distance policy implementation plan for improving the efficiency of service enterprises, after the introduction of enterprise-related policies, except those that need to be kept secret according to law, other policies will be made public through government portals and online government affairs platforms in a timely manner.(Next to version 3) (Next to version 1, Business convenience of Liaoning will be among the advanced in China by 2025.) At the same time, data information such as service requirements, subsidy conditions and policy incentives will be gathered and shared, and the situation of enterprises will be actively compared and service information will be accurately pushed.We will further simplify the application process, improve service efficiency, and realize the policy of exempting eligible enterprises and people from filing, directly handling, and directly enjoying the application.During the “14th Five-year Plan”, Liaoning will speed up the construction of a modern litigation service system that is intensive and efficient, diversified in solving disputes, convenient for the people, intelligent and accurate, open, interactive, blending and sharing.We will push forward the reform of cross-domain litigation filing services, and ensure that litigation services can be handled in places close to home, within the same city or in different places.At the same time, the government continued to carry out a special rectification of government faithless behavior, focusing on the government arrears, investment commitment is not fulfilled, new officials ignore old debts and other government faithless behavior.Gradually incorporate government credit work into performance appraisal.We will step up punishment for serious acts of dishonesty in government affairs and increase government credibility.Shenyang Daily, Shenyang News all media reporter Wu Yan Yan