Shougang ski big jump closed loop inside and outside China year

2022-06-17 0 By

On this year’s New Year’s Eve, the staff of shougang Ski big Jump were busy sending “fu”, sticking Spring Festival couplets, eating dumplings, shooting videos and making connections to celebrate the Chinese New Year in their own way, although they could not get together with their families and spend the Spring Festival together.On the morning of New Year’s Eve, Song Shiyuan, the director of the venue, presented the Chinese character “Fu” and Spring Festival couplets to all business areas in the closed loop, and led everyone to paste the Chinese character “fu” and Spring Festival couplets on the simple office doors. The lively atmosphere of jubilation and prosperity suddenly spread in the closed loop.”Although we are outside the closed loop, our hearts are always with you inside the closed loop,” said Alicia, assistant manager of the volunteer business area, as she led volunteers to put up a wall of photos of the closed loop volunteers.”It’s just a way to tell our colleagues inside Closed-loop that our hearts are together and we are celebrating the New Year together inside and outside closed-loop,” she said.In addition to the photo wall, the concierge volunteers also hung Chinese knots and worked together to paint the Winter Olympics logo.And xiao Guangming, the catering manager, is leading his team to deliver dumplings to the people inside the closed loop.In order to let the staff in the closed loop eat hot dumplings, the catering sector arranged suppliers to prepare them in advance and distributed them to small boxes to be transported to the closed loop through an incubator in strict accordance with the epidemic prevention and control and catering hygiene requirements.Every bite of dumpling is a mouthful of strong New Year flavor.”Leaders in the closed loop, dear friends, we wish you a happy New Year!”The various business fields outside the closed loop have sent their own shooting and production of New Year’s greetings video, “blessing, concern, we Chinese year with.”Venue director Song Shiyuan said, “This New Year, is destined to be engraved on my heart, I have the honor to participate in the Winter Olympics service winter Olympics, although I can not go home, but feel the care and warmth from all sides, please rest assured, we will do a good job, successfully complete the task of service guarantee.”