The total box office of The Spring Festival in Baoding was 35.6 million yuan, down 18 percent year-on-year

2022-06-17 0 By

During the Spring Festival, affected by the epidemic, many people choose to celebrate the Spring Festival locally, and watch movies for recreational activities.During this year’s Spring Festival, the epidemic prevention and control measures in cinemas are in place, with high price increases but large discounts.According to Maoyan Professional edition, as of 16:00 on February 7th, the total box office of the Spring Festival in Zhuhai reached 35.6 million yuan, with 715,000 tickets issued, 18% and 10% less than the same period last year respectively.The reporter visited the Spring Festival film market and learned that times Golden Globe Cinema in Jingxiu district and Judian Cinema in Mancheng district all eliminated ticket machines, seats, reception, theaters and other key areas for many times. Mancheng Jiahe Cinema ensured 75% of the attendance rate and locked some seats on the ticket interface.The director of the Sitong Cinema in Lianchi district said the cinema has received subsidies to ensure staff salaries and medical supplies.This year, movie ticket prices in Our city are higher than in previous years, with a year-on-year increase of nearly 27%.Ticket prices are tiered based on experience and time of day.Baoding Golden Palm Xianxia International Cineplex said that “fans can use related platforms for group purchase to get preferential ticket prices”;Wanda Cinema launched a 150 yuan package for 3 movies;”We can buy tickets for the same price as in previous years through a group purchase platform.Market ticket prices are negotiated with other local cinemas.It is understood that this year’s Spring Festival continues to continue the theme, positive energy, “popcorn” movies and mythological films gradually appeared in the market, instead of warm art and light comedy, such as “Four Seas”, “Miracle · Stupid Children”.The children’s film “Boonie Bears After Earth,” with its young audiences mostly accompanied by their parents, topped the attendance charts.”My classmate introduced me a lot of basketball knowledge during the movie. Maybe I will play a game with him in the future,” said Xiao Zhang, one of the interviewees, after watching pleasant Goat and the Basket of Big Big Wolf.Liu, a moviegoer, said he is a big fan of Han, and the movie is worth recalling despite its lack of laughter.Jing thinks the distinction between “love” and “like” in the film speaks to the true meaning of emotion, but the film is not alone in its lack of sound.After watching “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake”, one of the interviewees, Xiao Han, said that the patriotic theme of resisting the United States and aiding North Korea is the best choice to watch the film with his family during the Spring Festival.”The scene grand shock, the story moving, our motherland is too great!”Directed by Zhang Yimou, “Sniper”, a film themed to resist The United States and aid North Korea, has defied the trend of box office growth after attracting wide attention during the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics. On February 5, the film’s attendance rate reached a peak on the first day of the first lunar month, and on February 7, the number of films screened doubled compared to the second day.(Liu Ning, Journalist trainee)