There are many Chinese snooker players, why not as famous as Ding Junhui, the gap is not the slightest bit

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Ding junhui rose to fame in 2005 at the British Snooker Championship.At that time, Ding went through nine stages in a row from the qualifying round to beat Davis.Ding junhui became the first Chinese player to win the British Championship.Speaking of how great this championship is, before Ding Junhui, no player in the world has ever won a qualifying tournament in a row, and Ding made history this time.Secondly, for the long set deciding system, also determines that the British Championship in snooker is the least likely to upset the tournament, and this tournament to win the gold is also extremely high.The third is the British Championship, which is regarded by the British as their own piece of the world snooker. In the past, the British have generally won the championship, with the occasional victory by a player from another European country.Now there’s an Asian kid who has beaten all the Europeans in World War I, and it’s an instant sensation in the snooker world.Since Ding Junhui can be so famous, and it has been so many years, why is it that other snooker players in China are still not as famous as Ding Junhui?There are two main reasons.First of all, snooker itself is not a popular sport, so there are not many people playing billiards in China, and even fewer people playing snooker.So even if you tell people about snooker, they may not know what snooker is.What’s more, go to a specific snooker player, which is basically only snooker industry or really like the billiards movement of some enthusiasts can count more than 10 snooker player names.Secondly, ding Junhui really contributed to the development of Snooker in China.Ding junhui’s famous model really is quite a large number of Chinese families, many parents hope their children can copy ding junhui almost famous, so that their children began to play snooker at an early age, but also look forward to one day can really on the career path of snooker, win finally realize the dream.However, the reality is very cruel, in the development of more than ten years after the next Ding Junhui did not appear, although sometimes a few young talents are more outstanding, but after the test of time, they often disappeared.Basically, fame comes from achievement and strength.Ding junhui has at least five no.1, which is difficult for other Chinese players to achieve.First, the number of snooker champions in the world is 14.Second, he was twice ranked no. 1 in snooker.Third, Ding Junhui was elected to the World Snooker Hall of Fame.Fourth, 6 bar 147, in terms of the number is ranked the world’s first spear;Fifth, to win the English Championship three times, which is one of the three major snooker tournaments, is really not easy.We look at the domestic players, which players can achieve a result can be said to have been very great.Hong Kong’s Marco Fu is also far behind, and certainly no one else in Asia.So how can these newcomers surpass Ding junhui’s fame?Snooker is a non-Olympic sport, as anyone who knows sports knows, and what it means for a Chinese athlete is needless to say.Ding has also made his way in snooker almost entirely on his own talent and that of his family.We know that Yao Ming and Li Na are also great, and their commercialization is also very successful, after all, they borrowed resources from the system.Liu Xiang is certainly very great, but he is also completely within the system.For all these, Ding Junhui is enough to become the first snooker in China.Generally speaking, there are a lot more players playing snooker today than before. There are also a lot of famous players, such as Liang Wenbo and Xiao Guodong, and the younger generation of Lu Haotian, Yan Bingtao, Zhou Yuelong and Zhao Xintong.Although they are not as famous as Ding Junhui now, I believe there will be more snooker players in China in the future to achieve excellent results like Ding Junhui through their own efforts.