What’s the end of “Danger Warning”?

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The movie Danger Warning ends with the hero adopting a child and starting a new life.Danger Warning, also known as Trick, is a thriller film written by Ben.Kaplan, Jonathan.Frances, Leila Sykes, Connor.Dewan and other actors starring Damian.McCarthy directed and wrote the film.This is a British film.The film mainly tells the story of ai, in order to earn their own living expenses for a temporary job, the job is his landlord to his introduction, this job is taking care of a girl’s fine, the job looks very simple, in fact they rhyme, he must wear limit action of clothes, make sure that he will not be able to enter into some room.In this place, Essa has experienced many strange things, and because of the restrictions on her body, Essa can not leave the place at will.As a thriller, the film’s background music and dark scenes create an atmosphere of terror.