World Cup continental play-off, South America area fierce competition, Australia or consecutive 2 sessions to participate

2022-06-17 0 By

According to FIFA, the 2022 Qatar World Cup qualifiers will be played in Qatar instead of home and away matches.According to the previous FIFA draw, Asia fifth against South America fifth, Oceania top against Central and North America fourth place.Chinese men’s football team has been eliminated in advance, and then just as a runner to complete the event, for the National football team again expressed regret, the next World Cup Asian region will increase to 8.5 quota, the National football team cheer up!Asia area this sign carries not good, encounter the strength strongest South America area, the chance of breaking out is slim.Of course, it can not be ruled out that this is a balancing strategy of FIFA, The Asian region of Qatar as the host of the World Cup monopolized 1 quota, FIFA did not cut the original 4.5 quota of The Asian region, to ensure the 2022 World Cup there are 5 Teams from The Asian region.In this case FIFA may have to make some sacrifices for the Asian zone in the play-offs, with a strong South American side, 4.5 places are basically equivalent to 4 places.As for the fifth place in Asia, Iran and South Korea have both advanced in Group A, while the United Arab Emirates are third in group A and are likely to finish third in group A.The situation in Group B is more complicated, with Saudi Arabia and Japan in the lead and China and Vietnam in the next two rounds respectively.All things considered, Saudi Arabia and Japan have a clear chance of qualifying together, with Australia most likely to finish third in Group B.Australia’s overall strength is relatively superior to that of the UNITED Arab Emirates and is likely to become the eventual fifth Asian team to participate in the intercontinental play-offs.Australia finished fifth in Asia in the last World Cup qualifier and is likely to play in the intercontinental play-off for the second time in a row. What are Australia’s chances of playing fifth in South America?South America’s two giants Brazil and Argentina have advanced, Ecuador hold a four-point advantage, the basic establishment of a place.South America is a very tight race, and a fifth is still a long shot, with Uruguay, Peru, Chile and Colombia in the mix, no matter which team is tough to mess with.However, this time, the two sides have no home field, which is relatively more favorable for Asian teams, and the result is decided in a single match. The situation of Fifth place in Asia is not as bad as it seems.Oceania zone qualifiers have not yet started, from the overall strength assessment, the probability is again New Zealand to get this play-off place.In recent years, the soccer development in Central and North America has been accelerated, especially the rapid improvement of the strength of Canada and Panama, which has greatly increased the competitiveness of the qualifying competition in this region.But this time the play-off draws the weak Oceania region, the central north region of 3.5 places is basically equal to 4 places.Central And North America has become more competitive this year, with World Cup regulars Mexico, currently ranked third, and Costa Rica, fifth, underperforming.In general, it is only a matter of time for Canada, which has a huge advantage, to qualify. The United States and Mexico are in a good situation and hope to qualify. The fourth place in Central and North America is most likely to be between Panama and Costa Rica.Both teams qualified for the World Cup last year, with impressive overall strength, more advantages than New Zealand, the hope of the World Cup.