Zou Shiming’s wife, in order to save money, his eyelashes, deny plastic surgery blunt work is too busy

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Zou’s wife Ran Yingying denied plastic surgery in a long post on her social media platform on Feb 3, saying she was too busy to get plastic surgery. However, a series of selfies she posted with zou sparked controversy again.Recently, Ran Yingying’s photos have often caused controversy, but now the 38-year-old actress still pays attention to her appearance, and every time she shows up with her makeup, you can see that she cares about her appearance very much.A quick look at Ran’s profile shows that she often posts selfies of herself, but every time she gets teased by netizens.On Feb 2, Ran posted a selfie again, showing her with exaggerated makeup, bulging eyes and thick, long lashes that look unnatural despite her elaborate makeup.After seeing the scene, people in the comments section were also outraged, with many asking why Ran had undergone such a transformation and others advising her not to continue with her plastic surgery, with one even describing her as a “ghost doll.”In short, almost everyone thought Ran’s outfit was scary.The next day, Ran posted a long denial in which she said her eyelashes were grafted and that some of the changes in her appearance were due to makeup, not plastic surgery.In the post, Ran directly accompanied six selfies.Despite her sincere explanation, netizens are still reluctant to buy it.To which Ran replied, “Sorry, I scared you.” Others praised her ability to do her own eyelashes, which Ran said saved her time and money.The selfies ran posts show her looking younger and with more sophisticated makeup. Perhaps it’s strange that her eyelashes aren’t perfectly grafted, but her decision to save money has won approval from many online users.As celebrities have been busy with Chinese New Year, Ran has also posted pictures of her family getting together.
In ran yingying’s photos, 10-year-old Xuan Xuan stands out as cute as ever, almost unchanged from his childhood.
It is worth noting that on February 2, Ran yingying posted a group of pictures of the members of Where are We Going dad, including Liu Geng hong and Wu Zun.Internet users expressed their surprise at the lively atmosphere of the party, as no one expected the show’s friendship to last so long.
Today, 38-year-old Ran, a mother of three, has a rare ability to stay young at heart, and although her clothes have always been questioned, the comments never seem to affect her.What do you think of Ran yingying’s status today?Ran Yingying denied plastic surgery #, # Zou Shiming Ran Yingying #, # RAN Yingying