Several urban reform projects in the main urban area of Kunming are being promoted

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Under the background of “3 years to complete demolition, 5 years to complete reconstruction”, the reconstruction of urban villages has become the “highlight” of the property market in 2021.According to the plan, except chenggong district in kunming, the urban reform plan will implement about 40 projects, nearly 21,000 mu.According to the incomplete statistics of Urban Times · Elephant Housing Institute, developers have been confirmed for many urban reform projects in Kunming last year, and many projects have started bidding, recruitment and relocation.By region, in the previously released “Kunming Urban Renewal and Transformation Action Plan”, About 32 projects in Wuhua District are included in the 5-year transformation plan, including 8 micro transformation projects. The planned land transaction area will reach 3988 mu by 2023.Last year, urban renewal work in Wuhua district was mainly concentrated in the areas east of Puji Road, Northwest New Town and Helinpu.The overall planning area of the area east of Puji Road is about 7,000 mu, accounting for more than half of the area east of the northwest New city. The bidding for the first phase of the project has been started, and the announcement of the decision on the expropriation of houses on state-owned land in plot A has been issued, and the area to be expropriated is about 1445.2005 mu, which is expected to enter the formal demolition stage this year.On May 13, last year, Kunming Wanxiang Real Estate Development Co., LTD., subordinate to Helenburg, became the first winning bidder with a score of 93.33 for the land arrangement partner of the urban reform project of Helinpu Large and Small Self-defense villages.In addition, on July 1 last year, the first batch of palm Tree camp about 28.5 mu of residential land sold, Yicheng Land for 435 million yuan;On August 28, the project was officially started and made great progress.In the afternoon of January 20th this year, wuhua District Hongyun Street 2 about 55.8 acres of urban residential land successfully sold by Yunnan Huize Real Estate Co., Ltd. under yunnan Construction investment with a total price of about 460 million yuan won, the transaction floor price of about 2495~2568 yuan/square meter.In addition, last year, Yunnan auto industry and trade land, east Fengyun steam old factory, the original group of steel mills, flat glass factory (Ming Tai glass factory), Xiyuan tea city old reform, Longyuan, Shangfeng village village in the transformation of the fourth phase of a number of urban reform projects also made new progress.In November last year, according to industry insiders, wuhua district party committee, deputy secretary of the district in xiamen, quanzhou investigation study and carry out investment promotion and capital introduction work, and c&d real estate group of wuhua cooperation intent with the content of the in-depth discussion, and highlights the Pan Jiawan small new village inside city renovation project, analyzes in detail the project location, the present situation, advantages,It is hoped that CDB real estate will enter kunming market to help Wuhua District accelerate the efficiency of urban renewal and reconstruction and improve the quality of urban renewal and reconstruction.But there’s still some real news out there.From the location of urban reform project, Guandu District was still the “main battlefield” of urban reform project last year.In July last year, taihe street Heping Road Qianwei Camp area sanjiu contiguous reconstruction project and Liujia street (Liujia community) urban village renovation project started bidding, both projects are in the early stage of demolition bidding.On June 7, last year, Kunming China Resources Land Sanlian Real Estate Co., LTD., a subsidiary of China Resources Land, won four parcels of land in Wujing Street, Guandu District, Kunming at a competitive price of 996 million yuan, with a floor price of 519-6168 yuan/square meter. The four parcels of land all belong to the urban reform project in Wuli Area, Guandu District.On April 16 last year, Kunming Public Resources Trading Center issued a tender announcement on the selection of partners for the renovation project of dashuying area and Qianwei Area.On May 11 of the same year, Kunming Public Resources Exchange Center released “Bid evaluation results of Selecting Partners for urban Village Reconstruction Project in Dashuying Area, Guandu District, Kunming City”.Kunming Aosidi Urban Renewal and Development Co., Ltd. ranked first with 92.57 points, according to the announcement.It is understood that the company was established on August 21, 2020, with a registered capital of 10 million yuan, held by Yunnan Aodi Baijue Real Estate Development Co., LTD., the company and Junfa jointly established Yunnan Zhongwang Real Estate Co., LTD., the development of Junfa View of the sea of clouds and other projects.On September 24 last year, Kunming Public Resources Trading platform issued the Bidding Announcement of Relocation and Demolition Services for The Three-Old Renovation And Continuous Development Project of Guandu Ancient Town, which means that the demolition of Guandu Ancient Town has been officially put on the agenda for more than ten years. The total investment of the project is 1.88 million yuan, and the demolition work of the project has started now.In addition, last year, Guandu District also focused on key areas such as Wujiaba and Cultural vitality New Town, and promoted the land acquisition and demolition of key projects such as Panlong Village and Puzi Village in Liujia. It invested 260 million yuan to transform 427 buildings in 97 old communities, benefiting nearly 15,000 households.And the implementation of guandu ancient town and other “three old” reconstruction development, promote the reconstruction of villages in the city, the demolition of 1,131,500 square meters.In terms of land, 832.76 mu was purchased and stored in the first half of this year, and 197.24 mu was supplied.Last year, the “main battlefield” of urban renewal and transformation in Panlong District was in Ciba area. At present, there are at least 8 projects in Ciba Area, including Ciba Village urban transformation, Maixi Village urban transformation, Garlic Village urban transformation, Luosuopo urban transformation, Kunji area transformation project, etc.Maixi Village is located along Longquan Road, covering an area of about 1353 mu. It is the largest urban reform project along Longquan Road.At the end of last year, the land west of Longquan Road has started demolition, most of the civilian buildings have been demolished, the land east of Longquan Road has not started demolition.Last year, on August 5, Ciba Street issued the “Bidding Announcement of demolition and Demolition Units for the” Three old “contiguous-piece Reconstruction Project of Kunming Airport Area (1 bid section, 2 bid section)”.According to the announcement, the sanjiu contiguous reconstruction project of Kunming Airport area is scheduled to be opened on September 20 and completed by September 20, 2025, involving a total of 4,830 households.In July last year, the Panlong District government issued the public announcement of the service plan to recruit social intermediary agencies to participate in the accounting review and purchase of land reserve expenditure of Renqiying and Wujia Village urban reform project in Panlong District.Public content shows that Panlong District will hire social and summary institutions on wujia Village urban reform project phase I, Renqiying urban reform project land reserve expenditure accounting review.This means, Wujia village, ren Qi camp land acquisition and storage work progress accelerated.In addition, xishan district also has a number of urban reform projects progress.Last year on March 31, the mountain west conference f haicheng nakamura renovation work 29 district headquarters issued a “about to Yang’s community village road closed management told the implementation of the law, will be carried out since April 1, the project within the scope of the demolition work, for Yang Jialu, fu tai road, the road to the closed management, at this point, the yangs villages start demolition.At present, Yangjiadi Village in the city has been determined to be transformed by Huaxia Sunshine, the compensation for demolition is 10000 yuan/square meter.Would you like to know the latest progress of any urban reform project?Welcome into the group timely understanding of kunming property market information.