Spring, 5 kinds of fruit to eat more, nutrition is extremely high, slim look good, do not make up are beautiful

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Spring is coming, people pay more attention to the management of the body and skin, spring, the weather gets warmer, we don’t have to wear thick coat to go out all day and night, wearing a thin spring found that figure is not slim, also become pale, mental state is not good, this is simply because the winter is not reasonable diet, no special notice reasonable diet that led to it.Want to build good beautiful beautiful skin, regulate it from the balanced nutrition, and the human body nutrition from various from food intake of vitamin, minerals, proteins, folic acid, etc., often eat five fruits, high nutrition, let your complexion is ruddy blood, slim look good, what clothes to wear good-looking, no make-up are beautiful., kiwi, spring is coming, people’s favorite fruit is much, the weather warmed, fruit fruit sold in the shop, this season almost every day to eat fruits and vegetables, if not money, suggest that every day can eat two kiwi fruit, it contain the most abundant vitamin, especially vitamin C, enhance immunity and whitening skin, eat thin body heat spent again, happy early spring day.Kiwi fruit don’t want to eat directly, can be beaten into a cool cool juice to drink, nutritious and delicious.: kiwi wash peeled cut into pieces into the juicer, add the right amount of cold water, and then according to their preferences to choose sugar or rock sugar to join together, press the juice key into sweet and refreshing macaque rock sugar juice, can be sealed into the refrigerator for one hour to drink, taste better oh!Two, apple is the most commonly eaten fruit throughout the year, but also one of the people’s favorite fruits, it contains vitamins, folic acid is the most abundant, every day if you can eat a beautiful face is not long spots, ruddy and good-looking, spring advice to eat apple skin good weight loss.Apple eat more do not want to eat, you can change patterns to eat, suggest every three and five cook a pot of apple tremella soup, eating refreshing, drinking warm body and beauty.: apple washed peel cut into small pieces, jujube three or five, medlar a small, tremella bubble hair in advance, first the apple, jujube, tremella into the pot and add the right amount of water to boil slowly for 20 minutes or so, add medlar, rock sugar continue to cook for 5 minutes or so you can enjoy the sweet and delicious apple tremella soup.Three, : pineapple is also everyone’s favorite fruit, sweet and sour refreshing and appetizing, you know what it contains essential nutrients?Such as vitamins, iron, zinc, folic acid the most, extremely high nutrition, like to eat sweet and sour taste of friends do not wrong fruit pineapple, often eat skin care and weight loss, pineapple has a lot of delicious ways to eat, today to share pineapple fried rice is also good.:Prepared a handful of corn, five shrimp, pea, a handful of carrot in a handful of pineapple cut meat ChengXiaoDing, pineapple shell kept dress meals is very good-looking, ahead of cooked rice bowl a cool Fried the better to eat hot pot pour the right amount of oil the shrimps, carrots, peas, corn, cubed pineapples in turn into the pot fire stir a moment to add a little pepper, chicken powder, soy sauce,Sugar seasoning can be loaded into the pineapple shell, on the table is food is rice, do not have to stir-fry also eat to meet, really sweet ah!Four eat papaya, papaya spring is really good, nutritious and delicious, rich in protein, folic acid, vitamin and minerals, all have is human body essential nutrients, especially women to eat more, regulate endocrine, anti-aging moist skin look good, papaya can directly eat, can also make it stewed red papaya milk, eat very delicious.: spring easily lose fatigue, red jujube papaya stew drink more milk, reduce the lose good spirit, papaya peeled wash clean, cut into small pieces of uniform size, red jujube seven or eight add just the right amount of pure milk into the pan to open fire to boil small fire stew slowly for about 15 minutes to add a few sugar sweetened can fill out the dishes, hot drink nutrition and warm.Five spring is the season of strawberry, strawberry, sour and sweet and savoury, vitamin and protein, crude fiber, the most abundant folic acid, embellish skin runchang digestion, often eat slim complexion ruddy and handsome, buy much eat strawberries, can make it a strawberry jam, can do a little more at a time, seal the fridge, refreshing and tasty and delicious, is convenient as you eat, take.: take home to eat strawberries to clean, with a kitchen towel wipe up, add just the right amount of sugar stir well sealed refrigerate for 2 hours, and then into the pot boil skim floating foam continue to cook until thick stir well to add a little lemon juice in strawberry jam, refrigerate after being cool in sealed jar can be saved.In spring, in addition to eating meat, it is recommended to eat more vegetables and fruits, moisten spring dryness jiechun lack and moisturize the skin, more importantly, you can also lose weight and have a good figure, while ruddy and beautiful.