Take care of every tree and grass in outdoor activities

2022-06-18 0 By

Spring outing to enjoy flowers, summer camping, autumn climbing forest, winter climbing ice falls on hay…In recent years, more and more people begin to spend their leisure time in outdoor activities, and outdoor equipment and outdoor institutions are getting hot all the way.On holidays, many city residents choose to “go outdoors” with their friends.But unfortunately, outdoor activities, will also meet some people have uncivilized behavior: climbing hiking, common some branches with some outdoor institutions or group name hanging cloth;On some of the Great Wall in the suburbs of Beijing, it is also common to engraved on the ancient beacon tower “I was here” and so on…Outdoor activities have their own charm.Strange rocks and perilous peaks, sunrise sea of clouds, changeable vegetation, deep starry sky…The beautiful and mysterious nature satisfies our eyes and curiosity, and discovering new landscapes is always a surprise.While getting close to nature and relaxing, many people like to challenge themselves and sharpen their will.In fact, a large part of the success of outdoor activities comes from the physical and mental challenges.The psychological experience of surpassing oneself when breaking the physical limit again and again is fascinating. The courage to face difficulties and the process of overcoming oneself are fascinating.Climb to the top of the mountain, line to the distance, give birth to some “will be ling extremely, list of small mountains” of pride, understandable.But can not see a magnificent, natural magnificent will reduce their requirements, make some harm to the ecological environment.Hanging leaves cloth, monuments carved, forest smoking……These behaviors not only damage the natural scenery, cultural relics and historic sites, but also cause fire hazards.It is a departure from the purpose of “going outdoors” to affect nature while enjoying the scenery.Looking back inward, we engage in outdoor activities not to possess and destroy, but to enjoy the scenery and challenge ourselves.What we get is the aesthetic experience and psychological experience beyond ourselves that is hard to get sitting at home.The landscape we have seen, the road we have traveled, will be broadened in vision, stronger in muscle, without a piece of cloth to mark it;Good feelings, in a bit of heart, long years, also do not need to rely on lettering to express;The sense of achievement after challenging myself does not need the happiness of a cigarette at the top of the mountain.Spring is just the right time to enjoy the sunshine and spring breeze. Don’t forget why you came.The starting point of climbing famous mountains and visiting historic sites is curiosity and love for nature, as well as self-exploration and pursuit.But when participating in outdoor activities, they should also regulate their own behavior and keep the bottom line of civilization.In my heart, I have the passion to temper my will and challenge myself, and I should cherish every plant and tree with deep love.(elson)