The first board was born!View dian defense north exchange board to the science and technology board listing agreed to sse

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Turn board the first unit was finally born!On March 31, the Shanghai Stock Exchange disclosed that according to the company’s application, in accordance with the relevant provisions, after review, the Shanghai Stock Exchange agreed to guandian Defense board to be listed on the Shanghai Science and Technology Innovation Board.The Shanghai Stock Exchange further stated that, from this decision to the listing and trading of the company’s shares on the SCIENCE and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the Company shall report to the Shanghai Stock Exchange in a timely manner in case of any major event and deal with it in accordance with relevant regulations.With the approval of the Shanghai Stock Exchange guandian Defense conversion board listing decision, also marks the birth of the a-share “first conversion board”.Public information shows that the company was listed on the New Third Board in April 2015, and was listed on the select floor on July 27, 2020. At that time, it was also one of the first 32 listed companies on the select floor.It is understood that In the evening of August 11, Guandian Defense issued a suggestive announcement on the board of directors review of the listing of the board.It is worth mentioning that, with the launch of THE Beijing Stock Exchange, the selection layer moved to the Beijing Stock Exchange, and Guandian Defense became the first batch of enterprises to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange, and the first enterprise to apply for board transfer to the Science and Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange in 2021. In 2022, the company became the first enterprise to pass the board transfer.From the review time, it is understood that this time, From the submission of the science and technology innovation board to the successful board application, lasted 99 days;It took 78 days from the official acceptance (November 10, 2021) to the successful approval (January 27, 2022), and only 36 days for the approval.The company is a state-level specialized “little giant” and high-tech enterprise, as well as a leading domestic uav anti-drug service provider. The main business of the company is UAV flight service and data processing, r&d, production and sales of UAV systems and intelligent defense equipment.According to its financial data, the company’s revenue in 2018, 2019, 2020 and the first six months of 2021 were 105 million yuan, 146 million yuan, 180 million yuan and 127 million yuan respectively.The corresponding net profit in the same period was 25.5706 million yuan, 41.7042 million yuan, 53.4608 million yuan and 47.4598 million yuan respectively.In fact, the science and technology innovation board has requirements on the nature of science and technology innovation. According to the disclosure of the company, the company has invested 46.8838 million yuan in research and development from 2018 to 2020, with a total operating income of 430 million yuan in three years. The proportion of the accumulated r&d investment in three years is 10.90% of the total operating income, meeting the requirement that the proportion of science and technology innovation board is more than 5%.Capital state noted that at the review meeting of the transfer board at that time, representatives of the transfer board companies were required by the Shanghai stock exchange to :(1) explain whether there might be restrictions on the use of data acquired by the transfer board companies in the future to provide external services under the background of strengthened national supervision of data collection and use;(2) In combination with the data source of Zhongkezhilan and whether it has obtained the authorization of The Aerospace Research Institute to sell data legally, explain the compliance of the sub-board company’s purchasing data from Zhongkezhilan;(3) Explain if the board transfer company independently carries out flight operations to obtain relevant data in order to provide services other than drug control, whether such flight operations can be approved by relevant departments, and whether relevant operations can meet the regional scope and timeliness requirements of non-drug control services.Sponsor representative please express a clear opinion.At the same time, the representatives of the board companies were asked to explain the challenges, measures and latest progress of the board companies in expanding their business in non-drug areas including military products.In addition, the Shanghai stock exchange for rotating plate company representative in the case of research projects, analysis of the rotating plate company r&d rate was significantly lower than the same industry than the average in the r&d, design and development spending accounts for the low reason and rationality, the core technology with a custom design and development in unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) products, embodiment and application in the business,Further demonstrate that uav products are not simply integrated.This article is from Capital State